Photos via christinamilian/Instagram; desiperkins/TikTok

When it comes to motherhood, most of us know about stretch marks and swollen breasts, but there are other less-talked-about changes new mothers go through, too. One of those changes is postpartum hair loss, and it can take a toll on a new mom’s confidence.

Recently, Latinas like Christina Milian and Desi Perkins have gotten candid about their struggles with postpartum hair loss.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Cuban-American singer and actor Christina Milian revealed that she lost a lot of hair after the birth of her son, Isaiah. “Emotionally, there is a huge drop in confidence,” Milian told People. “It’s a really disheartening experience. I had times where I wanted to cry because I wasn’t sure if I’d ever have my hair grow back again.”

Milian was so embarrassed about her post partum hair loss that she tried to hide it from her boyfriend.

“I’m cleaning up before he gets in the shower because I just didn’t want him to see it,” she said. “Eventually I had to tell him: I’m losing my hair. I was so embarrassed by it. There was hair everywhere.”

Milian took to Instagram to share her experience in an ad for the Nioxin hair care system. And judging by the reactions of her followers, she was not alone in the postpartum hair loss struggle. “Lol just @ me next time,” said one Instagram user. “My edges are just starting to grow back lmao.” Another said: “Thank you for sharing your postpartum story.”

Latina beauty guru Desi Perkins took to TikTok to share her journey through her own postpartum hair loss with her followers.


Hiding those hairs has me feeling like an international super spy #hairstyles #postpartum #immarockit

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“If anyone ever wondered what postpartum hair loss and re-growth looked like, hello! Hello! Like, what do I do with this?” Perkins asked on TikTok while showing off her new (and copious) baby bangs. “My options right now are headband and/or some serious edge design work. Some swirls, some swoops.”

Like on Milian’s post, the commenters on Desi’s post were grateful for her honesty. “I’m so scared of this,” wrote one of Desi’s followers, to which she responded: “I was ready for it. I thought ‘maybe it won’t happen to me’ then 4-5 months postpartum I noticed it. I’m happy it’s at least growing back.”

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, postpartum hair loss is caused by a drop in estrogen levels after pregnancy and birth.

The AAD says that postpartum hair loss is “normal” and “not true hair loss” as it isn’t permanent. It is likely that a new mom’s hair will go back to its original thickness by their child’s first birthday.

Still, the rapid change in something that so many women consider an emblem of their femininity can be upsetting, so the AAD has a few suggestions. They recommend using a volumizing shampoo and a conditioner formulated for fine hair used primarily on the tips. Heavy and intensive conditioners can weigh down already-thin hair. If you’re still feeling self-conscious about your thinner hair, consider adding a clip-in hair piece to your styling routine. Hair bonding in bangalore