It’s your season, Gemini! Time to socialize and connect with likeminded people this season. Gemini season is a major month of cosmic activity. Read on so you can prepare and understand what that really means for you.

Gemini season will influence all of us regardless of your zodiac sign because everyone has Gemini in their natal chart. In fact, everyone has all 12 zodiac signs in their chart, which is why it is important to know your natal birth chart. Gemini is the energy of creativity, duality and power of knowledge. Gemini is an Air element in Astrology so you can expect yourself to feel more energized and sociable. 

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Why is Gemini season major?

We have an upcoming Lunar Eclipse May 26th, both Saturn and Mercury retrograde this month as well. Saturn will retrograde May 23rd and Mercury will retrograde May 29th. As we head into June, we can welcome an exciting new moon June 10th and close out Gemini season with a Jupiter retrograde come June 20th

This is a great Gemini season to utilize writing and communications for manifestation purposes. You’ll want to be mindful that miscommunication issues, and tech and travel hiccups can occur once Mercury begins retrograde, and with three planets in retrograde, you’ll want to practice mindfulness as you tackle any mental distress such as anxiety. If you’re feeling overly anxious or flighty, this is common during this time as Mercury and Gemini both rule the mind in astrology. Take time to think things through before acting on hastiness since Geminis tend to thrive off impulsive. 

Gemini is the energy of duality. Don’t be surprised if you make a decision and change your mind afterwards. Gemini is philosophical and also contradictory. You might want to tread with caution before you make any solid plans. Allow yourself room for flexibility. Remind yourself to prioritize mental health at this time as well. As the intellectual sign of the zodiac, you’ll feel inspired to finally catch up on books you haven’t started reading or take up a new skill set. You’ll feel most inspired when you encourage yourself to expand your depth of consciousness and wisdom. 

Read on for your Gemini season horoscope based on your sun and/or rising sign. 


Aries, anything tech related is taking center stage for you this Gemini season. You might begin working or investing in a new startup or find yourself upgrading to the latest technology. One thing is for certain, you need to make sure you backup your data and plan ahead for travel. Mercury retrograde will be a bit of a pest for you this time around. If you experience any random tech glitches, don’t be surprised. Aside from that, you’ll be rejoicing with colleagues and friends this time. Let loose and have a little fun. 


Pay attention to your dreams, Taurus. Your dreams will be super active this month. You can also anticipate some good energy in terms of money and finances coming in for you. This is a major season for clearing up karma and wrapping up cycles. Allow the old to go and release old versions of yourself. This is a season of transcending your mindset. A very important message will come through for you at this time. Pay attention to the synchronicities.


Geminis, Happy Birthday! New beginnings and new celebrations give you reason to rejoice. You might be focused on your body and nutrition at this time as well. Adopting healthier lifestyles are always encouraged, but don’t get carried away with that your inner self-critic. You could take up online dating or reconnecting with old friends via social media. Enjoy yourself. The inspiration here is to not take things too seriously. You’re changing and growing. Some might not like it or understand it, but you’re allowed to morph your identity as long as it brings you happiness this solar return. Your evolution has arrived.  


You’re focused on the money, honey. Tying up loose ends and paying off debt is on the agenda this Gemini season for you. There could have been some overspending during Taurus season, but don’t worry, money will come back to you; if you welcome it so. Pluto retrograde could have you in your feels more than normal. Old lessons are coming back for you to confront. Watch your words and be kind to yourself during this regurgitation period. Healing is meant to be uncomfortable, but you will rise above it. 


If you have a child or work in education, you’ll have your hands busy dealing with online schooling and sticking to the timeline. Carve out time for some fun and travel. Tap into your inner child this Gemini season, Leo.  If you’re looking to get published or work in media, there’s major recognition coming your way. Maybe it’s finally time for you to start that online blog or get that podcast going. Creativity is the motive this month. Let your imagination guide you.


You Enjoyed Taurus season, but Gemini season is calling you to spend some time alone. You’re retreating because you enjoy alone time and find it replenishing. There’s nothing wrong with that. The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26th in Sagittarius is inviting you to journey alone and activate your inner visionary. You’re busy planning your future and gaining insight into who you really are at this time. You might decide to release any outdated ideologies as well. Welcome this ascended version of your higher self and trust this is for your soul evolution. 


Libra, you’re always a blast to be around. This Gemini season has you extra chatty and the person on speed dial for those who seek your valued fundamental advice you’re known for. Aside from sound counseling, you’re also truly admired for your ability to bring out the fun in others. Don’t be surprised if you’re extra busy tending to zoom parties and social distancing safe functions. Gemini season is about to have you busy! 


Pluto, your ruling planet, is retrograde currently until October of this year. This energy has you focused on responsibilities and tackling challenges. However, Gemini season brings anticipation of alleviating the load off your to-do list.Your patience might run short during this time and you’re being encouraged to express your emotions (something most Scorpios shy away from). Career is going to take up most of your time. If you’re looking for new job opportunities, this is looking promising for you. Go for that new job and take that leap of faith, Scorpio! 


The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26th is in your sign, Sag. You can expect the effects of this full moon to last you for the next six months. You’re going to experience major expansion in all areas of life. With expansion comes the need to address to release what doesn’t fit in your path forward. You could be closing out relationships or moving during this Gemini season. Your house of partnerships is also being highlighted. Review contracts before Mercury retrograde if possible or be sure to double check the fine print if you can’t avoid contracts prior to the 29th of May. Business is booming and it’s time to take the training wheels off. 


You’re feeling extra psychic and super witchy, Cap. This is a season where you’ll be receiving lots of messages from your intuition and spirit guides. Also, this is activating your house of hidden enemies, so you might have to let go of someone who’s been playing both sides of the fence. Someone who has literally been embodying the energy of Gemini, two faces. This is also a great time to look into investing. Real estate matters can slow down, but should still be pursued. 


You tend to be the visionary of the zodiac and you have many thoughts you feel deserving of expressing. This Gemini season is no exception to that. Your spirituality is being amplified. You might find yourself digging into YouTube spiritual videos or communicating about spirituality in some sort of capacity since Gemini is asking you to share with others. You might want to consider mediation at this time in order to receive the clarity needed around a lingering thought in your mind. Trust your higher self. She won’t steer you wrong. 


Your social status is being boosted, Pisces! You’re the “it” girl and everyone wants to connect with you! Gemini season is bringing you power and prestige in your social sector. You might even be called to speak on your position as it relates to your direct community. Give back and share your wisdom in some capacity. This can be through mentorship or through lending your voice for an interview. Expect your expertise to be called on for decision making and you might even step into a new role of leadership. Bask in the glory. You’ve earned it.