It’s time to wind down with our most dependable bestie during Virgo season. As we end our summer days and prepare for Fall, Virgo season helps us transition with ease courtesy of its mutable sign energy from August 23rd through September 22nd. Virgo, as part of the mutable sign family, is crowned with such a reputation because it helps us change seasons like its other Zodiac mutable siblings: Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini. 

This is a zodiac season best utilized to personally prioritize responsibilities as you start preparing for the end of the year. Virgo season says, “I’m all about the perreo, pero, let me do the dishes first!”  

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No matter your zodiac sign, you can absolutely connect with Virgo season and make the best of it! In fact, everyone has Virgo energy within their astrology natal chart. You’ll want to find what house you have Virgo in to better understand your personal Virgo tendencies and how it affects your way of life. 

Virgos are respectively the most organized out of the zodiac thanks to their high achiever mentality. You can anticipate this energy to rub off on you and possibly notice you feel invigorated to revisit that overdue to-do list and simultaneously set new goals. The best part of Virgo season? The natural soothing grounding energy Virgo season provides us by way of its Earth element capabilities. Virgo is an Earth sign in astrology along with its counterparts Capricorn and Taurus.  

This is a great zodiac season to begin your 2022 visions with the Virgo new moon on September 6th. Reassess your daily routine and allow yourself to move slower. Virgo reminds us there is no rush. This is a wonderful time to hit the spa or bring the spa to you. Nurture yourself because that is one thing Virgo energy tends to forget to incorporate. Stay focused, however, there’s no reason not to make time to fill up your cup. To all our beloved Virgos, la vida es para disfrutar! Live a little. 

Read on for your Virgo season horoscope based on your sun and/or rising sign. 


This Virgo season will benefit you as it relates to getting your finances organized. Start early with financial planning for 2022. You might want to check in with finance professionals to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks, Aries. With Uranus Retrograde starting August 19th, money might slow down a bit, but it’s nothing to fear. 


This Virgo season also brings you a Uranus Retrograde in your sign beginning August 19th, Taurus. You’re going to physically feel this energy. You might feel lethargic or notice you need to take things slow. This year has been great for you in terms of hitting personal goals. This Virgo season could make you hibernate for a while as you’ll need to reevaluate an impending transformation. Go within. 


You might feel extra critical of work during this time. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re under a microscope and have no room for failure when it comes to your career. The Virgo new moon on September 6th brings in some much-needed rebirth energy in your professional sector. You’ll want to harness all this incoming inspiration and express these ideas into creative projects. You’re on the verge of a very big breakthrough this Virgo season.  


It’s the spiritual growth for me, Cancer. You’ll be presented with a lot of new epiphanies this Virgo season. Connect with friends and socialize with those who inspire you. You’re going to feel very sensitive this Virgo season and need to be surrounded by those who support you. Allow yourself the grace to grow. You have to lean into your emotions in order to expand. Being overly critical of yourself and your perceived shortcomings won’t do you any good. 


And just like that, the party is over! But is it ever really over with you, Leo? You always know how to find the glass half full in every situation. Now that your birthday season is over you’re realizing there’s a lot of impending items on your to-do list. Instead of feeling stressed, take time to implement a process that structures out a productive way for you to funnel these tasks. Create a playlist to get you energized and soon you’ll realize checking everything off your list is easier than you thought. But seriously, Leo, make it happen. 


Happy Birthday, Virgo! You know you’re excited about your birthday because we are! Don’t try to downplay the anticipation with your calm, cool, and collected demeanor. That’s one thing about our Virgos, they have the greatest poker face at the table. However, this is the season of reason. A reason to allow yourself, once a year, to let loose and twerk your worries away. Most folks aren’t aware that you’re really a wild child at heart underneath all that discipline. This birthday season can bring in some unexpected changes for you. The challenge is to accept the ability to be adaptable and surrender control. 


You’ve been fabulous all summer long blasting the JLo anthem, “Dinero.” Libra, you’ve been singing “Yo quiero, yo quiero dinero!” because you’ve been spoiling yourself to the fullest and we’re here for it. On a serious note, you’re noticing all the fun you’ve been having is great, yet, you need to tidy up the financial sector. Do what you do best this Virgo season and be resourceful. 


There could be a need to take some time away for yourself, Scorpio. Family might be a trigger as their projections and overbearing tendencies can push you to your limits. Virgo season is helping you work through any self-healing that’s gone amiss. Affirmations can be truly transforming for you in times of adversity. Embrace your inner child this Virgo season by doing one thing you loved, which brought you joy as your younger self. Your creativity is yearning to be acknowledged. 


A mother figure will be taking up a lot of your time this Virgo season. You might need to lend a helping hand to family and you’ll want to be sure to follow through with promises made. If you’re planning a homecoming trip expect it to go well. Family will bring you comfort and safety you didn’t realize you’ve been missing. What you might you see, Sag? Your family admires you tremendously as you’re seen as this very respective member in the home unit. 


You’ll find yourself outgrowing people, projects and things this Virgo season. Don’t worry about hard feelings, Cap. Those on the receiving end of this news might not take it as maturely as you’d hope. Let that serve as a lesson gained. You’re out here leveling up and it’s not your fault if folks can’t keep up. Dale! 


You’re going to be focused on health this Virgo season, Aqua. A new nutrition plan and healthy goals that nourish your body are at the top of your priority list. You’re all about living your best life! Well, the physical vessel is our temple crucial to experiencing this life to the fullest. However, you might find that you feel extra stressed out during this time. That’s because this Virgo energy will have you living in the future. The future doesn’t exist. All we have is this present moment. Living in the present allows you to welcome the future instead of being anxious about the future. 


You might feel others around you are letting you down, Pisces. You’re feeling extra disappointed in the state of the world and taking in a lot of emotional depth. Take time to relax and decompress. You’re the most empathetic of the zodiac, which requires you to constantly process your feelings and that of others. Find time to bring balance into your life with your lover and friends. Partnerships will help you ground your energy. If you get into an argument with someone close to you, do your best to lovingly address how you might have been a participant in the exchange.