Caught yourself overthinking much recently? That’s a direct influence of Gemini season. Now that we’re transiting out of Gemini’s incessant logical thinking we find ourselves navigating the realms of our emotions by way of Cancer season. Cancer season asks us to act from our heart space and express empathy. 

You might’ve felt agitated and easily overwhelmed during Gemini season thanks to Mercury’s retrograde energy amplifying our needs to express ourselves even if that meant from an irrational space of explosive emotional purging and heated exchanges. The Gemini Solar Eclipse made sure we released any pent up drama and trauma so we can welcome in new vibras. 

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Cancer season is a time of hibernation. One final retreat before we’re called to let our personalities shine during Leo season and summer. Cancer is the true commencement of Summer Solstice, which lands on June 20th

Cancer governs the fourth house in Astrology, which makes this an opportune time to reconnect with family and friends. The fourth house in astrology prioritizes our livelihood and those who make us feel at ease — those who feel like home. Anything related to family matters will organically become a key focus in your life during this time. 

Although Cancer is a water sign, it is also an embodiment of steadfast energy. Cancers are well known for being hard workers and loyal. This is a season prime for revisiting anything personal and home related that needs observance and a solution. It’s time to buckle down on impending tasks. Meaning, fix those odd jobs around the house and quit neglecting that leaky faucet. Need to change lightbulbs? Do it! Invest in your sacred space. Cancer is representative of the crab and Cancer is known to enjoy its hermit mode. This is a season that welcomes the remembrance that we too may find safety and solace in our protective space; our very own shell. Plan more nights in during this time and enjoy this comforting feeling of recharging after such intense cosmic energy from Gemini season. 

What’s the Cosmic Tea this Cancer Season?

Rejoice, as Mercury turns direct and out of his Retrograde shade on June 22nd. Shortly after, June 24th encourages closure with a highly anticipated Capricorn full moon. Cancer season will bring us more retrograde energy as both Jupiter and Neptune will retrograde in the sign of Pisces by June 25th. By July 9th we have a nurturing Cancer new moon, and we end with a rebellious bang to close out Cancer season with an Aquarius full moon on July 23rd

This is a great Gemini season to utilize water for healing modalities and magic rituals. Something as simple as visiting a body of water to meditate or relax nearby is an effortless means of invoking your inner Cancerian energy. 

Read on for your Cancer season horoscope based on your sun and/or rising sign. 


Aries, this is a season where you’ll find yourself very psychic and doing lots of astral traveling. You might receive visitations from passed on loved ones in your dreams. Take note of the synchronicities around you. Particularly, you’ll notice many important messages will be delivered to you by women around you. This is a time for you to wrap up any negative karma and cut chords with anything or anyone no longer serving you. 


You will be super emotionally sensitive at this time. You might feel a longing for what feels familiar or what feels like home to you. Trust that you’re on the right path and sometimes what brings us comfort isn’t always productive. You might find yourself daydreaming tons during this time. Grounding your energy and following through with responsibilities might slip wayside. Be sure to set those alarms, reminders and have the post-it notes handy in order to keep you on track. 


Geminis, you’re not used to this empathetic nature. Feelings? Gross. As one of the signs known for giving it to us straight with no chaser, you might find yourself extra sensitive and easily offended during Cancer season. As a sign ruled by Mercury you’re very much used to rational thought, but Cancer season is forcing you out of your comfort zone as you tackle on limiting beliefs. You might surprise yourself and wonder “who is this new emotional babe?” You’re ready to hold free therapy for everyone you love! You’re feeling inspired to make those around you feel special at this time.  


Happy Birthday, Cancer Queens! It’s time to celebrate you and receive all the love you deserve. As a true romantic at heart, you can’t help but want to be whisked away by the one you have your eyes set on. But the message here is for you to do you and plan this month out doing what you want. Far too often you’re worried about everyone and making sure they’re all doing well. This is a season for you to live and thrive, hunny! You’ll be receiving a lot of attention from strangers as well. This might be due to some new physical change you make with your appearance. New hair? New wardrobe? New tattoo? Go for it! As Tupac would say, “it’s all about you…” Have fun, Cancers. 


You might be feeling a bit lethargic and sad at this time. This energy is forcing you to go within and work on your self-esteem. You’re also going to be primarily focused on financial matters. You might have to invest in issues concerning children or family. On the caveat, be sure not to overspend during this time. You might want to consider saving for a rainy day. Neptune and Jupiter retrograde in Pisces might encourage you to spend foolishly. Be sure to make wise investments at this time. 


You might find yourself in charge of babysitting or watching the kids at a family get together. Instead of seeing this as a chore, your perception is likely better spent viewing this as an opportunity to embrace your inner child. If you’re looking to build bonds with siblings this is a wonderful idea. Cancer season will bring you closer together. Physically, you might notice some digestive issues this Cancer season as Cancer rules the stomach and Virgo, y’all rule the digestion. Be mindful of overindulging and overeating with Jupiter and Neptune retrograde in Pisces. 


You’re going to be busy decorating or renovating an important space of yours. You could even make an important move during this time. Home related matters such as purchasing and renovation will look promising for you.This is also a time where you might feel the need to reconnect with a mother figure or find yourself reminiscing on a lost loved one. Know that you’re never alone. All you have to do is ask for a sign. The message will be known.   


Out of all the zodiac signs romance is looking the best for you this Cancer season, Scorpio. Expect some rekindling in the love sector. Looking to build a closer bond with the apple of your eye? This is the season to pursue such a goal. If not you, your love partner will go out of their way to remind you you’re special. Aside from love, you’re very busy this season. You have many projects looming. Manage your time wisely and don’t delay actions. You got this!


After a major Gemini season for you with the eclipses falling in your axis, trust that nothing but prosperity is coming your way! You might’ve had to reassess some pending issues that the eclipses brought up for you. Rest assured, you’re closing the chapter on those karmic cycles. Cancer season brings you some much needed downtime and rest. In fact, you’ll be yearning to relax. Don’t feel guilty for taking breaks. You cannot pour from an empty cup, Sag.


You’re excited to collaborate during Cancer season. There are some wonderful partnerships that you can build during this time. If you’re interested in love, expect someone to come in and sweep you off your feet. There’s a soulmate ready to enter into your life. If you’re taken, you can expect this relationship to grow closer as the two of you will form new bonds of intimacy. Also, be sure to double check any contracts at this time, Cap. Read the fine print. 


You’re feeling extra bruja about this time, Aqua. Your witchy senses are receiving new signals. This is a great time for you to try out crown chakra and/or third eye meditations. These new intuitive hits you’ll receive are meant to assist you with discerning those around you. There might be a snake in the grass you need to weed out. Trust the vibes because vibes don’t lie. Energy is a dry snitch. Additionally, make sure you’re staying on top of your money habits. You might notice you’re spending money on things you don’t need. Forgot about that subscription? Cancel it. Time to save up. 


You could be doing some traveling at this time. Possible to visit family. Nevertheless, you’re planning a trip and you need it, Pisces. You had a rocky Gemini season. The eclipses likely wiped you out energetically. As one of the most empathic signs of the zodiac, it is crucial for you to know when to pull your energy back and healthily isolate. This is a great time to also consider learning something new. Ready to go back to school or get that certification? The cosmos are blessing you with a big, YES! This will pay off in the long run. Enjoy.