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Whether you’re married or in a long-term relationship, being open and honest about finances is essential to keeping things equitable between you and your partner. When it comes to merging or keeping finances separate this truth goes double. After all, having a long-term partner and living under one roof together means you’ll take on the task of sharing costs.

To get a better understanding of how Latinas are tackling this we asked them whether they keep their finances together or separate from their spouses.

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Boy, were the answers enlightening.

Check them out below!

This chica does separate and combined.

“We have a house account where we both contribute a certain same amount every pay period. This account Pays for all our Bills ie: mortgage, utilities , groceries, house stuff ,credits cards, student loans etx. We have a combined savings , separate savings and separate checking . Separate checking we can do whatever we want.” – ertip

“Overall, different things work for different people, the key is communication and comprehension.”- johannag._

“Separate, except a bank account that’s meant for home expenses.” –lalalala.29

This chica is all about just separate.

“Separate! You never know what could happen. If you really want to make it joint, my abuela always taught me to have an account on the side for yourself no matter what.” – sabrinaenyc

“Juntos pero no revueltos.” –bellakindaya

“We have the same checking but, different savings and credit cards.” – tejanatraveler

Sometimes his & hers can be about money too.

“We both work. I have my own account and so does he. We also opened a joint account where we both deposit money only for savings. We both contribute on bills and rent.” –betty_luv20

“We have our own accounts & then 1 joint account for expenses & savings.” –leylajuana

“Separate (his & hers) and one joint account.” – luna_720_

But it’s important to recognize that sometimes every couple is different.

“Every couple is different. If you trust someone enough to marry them, you should be able to trust them with your money. If I have to worry about him doing me wrong, I don’t even want to be there lol. We’re equals, a team, partners, I don’t see it as an issue to join accounts. We share a checkings & have separate accounts to spend.” – meylinnaomi

“Depends how spendy either is. Could be a good or bad idea depending but We prefer joint.” – lizamarie408

“Split joint bills equally, but keep the rest separate.” –natashagbeachside

“We agreed to have a joint account for our hijos/hijas (God wiling), when we’re married and also our own separate accounts.” –lsf_curvy_chica

“We have a joint checking and savings. And we also both have our separate accounts for our personal use. Like I read a comment if you trust your partner to get married why not with your money. I feel like having a joint account keeps us accountable. The joint account if for rent, bills, gas, food. Separate is for our personal wants.” – chitaxo_

Especially if there are feelings involved.

“No, absolutely not. If I’m the higher earner what business does my partner have spending my money? It’s not OUR money. It’s mine, and they need to equally be pulling the same weight and operating at the same level as I am financially. I don’t need or want dead weight being reckless with my financial security. Bills/home/food is different that is a collective fund that should be equally supported by both people, but you’re not gonna be out here ballin with my bills when you didn’t work as hard as I did for it. Sorry 12 years a slave not I.” – guacaflaca__

“Our checking accounts are separate but we have a joint savings and we been married 8 years works so far.”- eveelin1988

“Personally, I keep mine separate. Its my money, I worked for it. I make sure that I put in my part.” – theresalwayzplanz

But nothing to judge here.

“Joint accounts since we married, 26 years ago. Not to flex, but to each their own. Whatever works for each pareja, is what works for them, not my business to judge it.” –luz_g_cruz

“Unfortunately, I learned the hard way from my first marriage, separate personal accounts work best for me in my second marriage.”- miss_piggy007

“LBH I’m combining but I’m also paying all the bills so I know what’s going in and coming out and making sure there’s security stack at the end of the day.” –valemadre85

Different strokes for different folks, ya know?

“Both. We combined maybe 2/3, and the rest we kept separate for our own use. How else could I surprise him with a vacation, and he surprise me with jewelry?” – aliciarichardson711