Just when we thought we’d seen true beauty in Cardi B’s natural hair, the rapper had to go and sell us on her wig game.

The Reina of Switching Things Up has often excited us with her collection of wigs. One day she’s rocking a blue bob the next she wearing red waist-length hair partly tied in a bow. But in the past few months of quarantine, she’s been flashing quite a few looks that have taken our breath away. Recently, the Dominica shared a new multi-toned pink pixie wig that had us so excited we decided to dig into her most exciting wig looks of the summer.

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Her latest pink pixie cut wig.

The multi-dimensional fuchsia pink pixie is rooted in a rich magenta color at the hairline, and looks stunning in this slicked-back wavy style. While Cardi has been rocking longer looks as of late, this isn’t her first time taking a short hairstyle for a spin. At the 2018 Video Music Awards, which took place not long after she gave birth to her daughter Kulture, she walked the carpet with a short jet-black cut.

This flowy soft pink mermaid babe.

Cardi gave us major butterflies with this mermaid look. With pink heels and a bikini to match, we’ll forever beg for this curly wavy wig.

This bluedacious cut.

This short bob featuring Cardi’s favorite color: blue, is one of our top faves for its edgy take on a pretty classy look.

This soft pink Marylin look.

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Cardi B proved a million times over how she can wrong both a classic and edgy look with this look that reminded us of one of our favorite candies and starlets. With classic Hollywood waves and a deep part, Cardi B looked ever the star.

And this multi-toned look in a similar color.

Cardi B’s multi-color look took her old Hollywood glam to new heights with this look.

We just LOVE this bow-tied look.

The day we landed on this bowed up pink look, we swayed in our shoes. With a wig to match her nails, Cardi B looked like a gift.

Which means we also loved this double bun dripping red look.

In a post about her look Cardi B wrote “I don’t know, I just like my hair here and we agree. Her red hot hair tied up into side buns was a cute and sporty look.

And last but not least this curly Rapunzel look.

Cardi B sported