Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more than re-elected she’s a winner and beauty reina.

The newly re-elected congresswoman recently got honest about her fashion choices and how she decides to suit up for the Hill in a recent Twitter exchange with freshman congresswoman Cori Bush. 

Freshman congresswoman Cori Bush tweeted about how costly it is to buy business clothes for her new role.

In a post shared to her Twitter page, Bush commented that “The reality of being a regular person going to Congress is that it’s really expensive to get the business clothes I need for the Hill. So I’m going thrift shopping tomorrow. Should I do a fashion show?”

It didn’t take long for the Hill’s #1 fashion guru, AOC, to catch sight of Bush’s tweet and chime in with some encouragement and tips.

“Thrifting, renting, and patience as you get your closet together sis. Capsule wardrobe will be your best friend. @AyannaPressley has the accessory game down,” Ocasio-Cortez commented. “Good news is that all these practices are very sustainable and good for the planet!”

AOC went onto share additional style tips noting that “You can also thrift and buy second hand online, which helped me get higher quality, longer-lasting things that would normally be out of budget. Good luck!!”

Of course, it’s not the first time AOC has mentioned her love for fashion, beauty and all things sustainability.

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The U.S. Representative gave fans a brief peek into her daily beauty regimen in a video for Vogue earlier this year, and in August she got honest about what she packs on hand in a “What’s In My Bag” feature on Instagram. In a video shared with her Instagram Stories, AOC got real about what she keeps in her Telfar Clemens’s purse.

Like her signature lip color, AOC revealed that her bag is a medium Oxblood color and is packed full with all of the items she needs to get her through a busy week in Congress.

Like the advice she gave to Bush and her Telfar bag, AOC’s fashion choices often reflect her political agenda.

In March 2019, AOC introduced the Green New Deal, a package of legislation that aimed to address climate change and economic inequality in the United States.

Bush, who ran earlier this month on a progressive platform and won out over her Republican opponent in a landslide in her bid for her state’s First Congressional District, was pleased by the encouragement.

“Yes for the ideas!!!!!! Thanks sis!” she replied to AOC who answered, “We’ll do a shopping day together. I got you!!”