We might all be shutting ourselves up in quarantine but AOC is opening herself up.

Last week, The U.S. Representative gave fans a brief peek into her daily beauty regimen in a video for Vogue, and now she’s getting honest about what she packs on hand in a “What’s In My Bag” feature on Instagram. In a video shared to her Instagram Stories, AOC got real about what she keeps in her Telfar Clemens’s purse and get ready to add some of her stashes to your checkout bags!

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In a post to her Instagram page, AOC showed off what she carries in her Telfar bag.

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If you’re not aware of Telfar by now, get ready because the Black-owned vegan-inclusive brand will be popping off this fall. And AOC is already ahead of the curb.

Like her signature lip pigment, AOC’s bag is a medium Oxblood color and is packed full with all of the items she needs to get her through a busy week in Congress.

To intro the series of items, AOC wrote “What I bring with me to prep for a hearing.”

AOC she always carries a scarf and pair of sunglasses for her walk to work and a loaded binder.

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@aoc/ Instagram

“I have a daily binder with all my documents, briefs, daily calendar, supporting info, etc. for the day. I will print out all my hearing notes and keep them here for tomorrow,” she wrote. AOC also poked fun of herself, admitting that she is one “of those weird people that likes the office supply section of the pharmacy or grocery.”

AOC keeps hydrated while also managing her plastic consumption by carrying a large green water bottle.

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@aoc/ Instagram

To make sure her bag remains light on her route to work she uses a very special hack we could all learn from: ice.

“One trick to make my bag less heavy is just to put some ice in it and fill with water when I get to the office,” she explained. The Congresswoman also noted that besides toting around a number of notebooks in her bag she also has a bag filled with dentistry tools to care for her braces. “I need to brush my teeth and floss 3749437 times a day,” she shared.

At the very bottom of it all, AOC says she has a”random makeup bag” for last-minute TV appearances as well as her keys and wallet.

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@aoc/ Instagram

No doubt there’s a tube of Stila’s Beso (AOC’s red lipstick go-to) in that makeup kit!