Even Queen of the Piano, Alicia Keys gets by with a little help from her friends.

The “This Girl On Fire” singer, like so many of us, is being forced to rediscover her natural nails as she stays in place with her family. Just like us, Keys is having to rely on classic tinfoil / cetone-soaked-cotton-balls trick and her husband to help remove the nails she got before life under quarantine.

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In a recent post on Instagram, Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz, dove into the fake nail removal process and things got funny.

Earlier this week, Swizz Beatz posted a video to his Instagram looking super cozied up to his wife Keys as he helped her to remove her fake nails. In the video Key’s fingernails can be seen soaking in acetone while wrapped in foil while Beatz. debates different ways to remove her nails. The sweet husband is LAZER focused on the removal process, concentrating rather intently on her thumb.

“So you’re trying to get that off?” he asks while attempting to file away at a piece of the acrylic or gel stuck to her nail..

“Mhmm, but it’s not the whole thing. It’s on top of my nail,” Keys replies before her husband gives a pretty amateur resolution

“‘Cause you can use an X-Acto knife,” Swizz Beats he suggests.

Um no…

And fortunately, Keys responds the same way saying “No.” Knowing full well an X-acto knife on her nail will either leed to a damaged nail bed or a sliced of finger.

“An X-Acto knife will cut this shit right off,” he persists as his wife shakes her head in calm disbelief.

According to Swizz Beatz’s post, the two stuck to the file and foil.


“Quarantine Day 33 😳 I think everyone will come out of this more handy and crafty 100% 😂😂😂,” he wrote. “FYI I was joking 🥵.”

Now that is true quarantine love right there.