Nine-year-old Michelle Arellano Guillén is known as the “Mexican Einstein.” She earned the nickname after graduating from middle and high school before her 10th birthday. Even more, she’s off to college to pursue her lifelong dream of studying medicine.

Michelle is by no means your average 9-year-old: in reality, she’s anything but.

Five elementary schools actually turned down the young genius. The establishments did not feel equipped to nurture her intellect, leading her to take a different route altogether. As her parents told national media, Michelle often felt bored in class. Therefore, finding a school that could keep up with her was difficult.

Life smiled at Michelle Arellano with new opportunities

The Chiapas native first took a test in November 2021 to graduate from elementary school. Then, she went on to take another test in March 2022 to graduate both from middle school and high school. At just nine years old, Michelle began to study university-level medicine online.

Michelle’s parents, who are also doctors, describe their daughter as “a little adult” and proudly point out her many accomplishments. Her mother, Karina Guillén, said, “She learned to speak English at one and a half and to read and write at four years old. She speaks four languages: English, German, French, and Italian.”

While the girl’s mother noted her daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, they found an educational system that worked just right for her.

As if Michelle’s impressive intellect isn’t enough, she is also a “great athlete.” She has won state swimming championships, is a Taekwondo black belt, and has won a grand total of eight trophies and 890 medals.

With an I.Q. of 158, rivaling Albert Einstein, who famously had an I.Q. of 160, Michelle’s future is stellar — and her goals are just as exciting. She has spoken about her interest in marine biology and acting in the past but hopes to one day become a cardiovascular surgeon.

Her dream school? The University of Massachusetts, where her mother also studied medicine. The 9-year-old explained that she has viewed surgeries performed by her mother in the operating room and wants to be like her one day.

While Michelle admittedly still loves playing with dolls, she has also noted her big dreams of one day finding the cure for cancer and autism. We can’t wait to see what she does next!