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If you’re a modern-day Latina, chances are, you have big life goals. You want the career, the connections, the success. But, if you weren’t born into it, it can all feel so overwhelming. Many of us don’t even know where to start when it comes to growing our circle, learning about our chosen field, and building our brand. And that’s where networking events like conferences and summits come in. These events can be invaluable resources for connecting with people you may never have otherwise and learning skills directly from people who have been in your shoes before.

Luckily, there are tons of summits and conferences out there that have been created specifically with Latinas in mind. These conferences are catered to directly address the challenges that Latinas face when trying to grow in their fields: lack of opportunity, lack of knowledge, imposter syndrome — they cover it all. Here are 11 summits and conferences for Latinas and women of color to uplevel their career game.

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1. We All Grow Summit

The We All Grow Summit is a conference specifically for “Latina influencers and creative entrepreneurs.” The event was made to promote connections between entrepreneurial Latinas and the brands that want to work with them. And of course, the conference is the must go-to event for networking with other power players.

2. The Women Of Color Conference

The Women Of Color Conference is inclusive to all women who identify as BIPOC. The event is made up of panels of WOC speaking about a diverse array of topics from politics, to activism, to media, to business. The event also consists of networking, speakers, and grant opportunities.

3. Spoiled Latina Day

Founded by Houston blogger Yvonne Guidry, Spoiled Latina Day is “a celebration for ambitious and hustling women to be empowered, inspired and pampered.” But the Spoiled Latina Day conference isn’t a stuffy boring conference. Women are encouraged to dance, sip cocktails, shop, and mingle with other Latinas. It’s the perfect networking opportunity.

4. Latinas Make a Difference Summit

Created by Latina-focused community Poderistas, the Latinas Make A Difference Summit aims to “lift up Latinas as catalysts for change and force multipliers within their own families and communities.” This year, the ceremony will be virtual and guests will include Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Ana Navarro, Soledad O’Brien.

5. Latinas In Tech Summit

Founded in 2017, the Latinas in Tech Conference bills itself as the place for Latina techies. The conference is meant for career advancement, networking, and skill-building workshops.

6. Mindy Body Spirit Conference

Hosted by 100 Hispanic Women, the Mind Body Spirit Conference is a health and wellness conference for Latinas. The aim is to empower Latinas to connect within themselves, learn how to practice self-care and how to nurture themselves and their community.

7. Women Entrepreneur Empowerment Summit

The Women Entrepreneur Empowerment Summit was created by Latinas in Business Inc. The summit “connects and empowers women business owners with tools and insights that propel them forward,” 2021’s theme was THRIVE! and it focused on three core areas: “Personal Power, Financial Wellness, and Business Innovation.”

8. Latina Style 50 Awards and Diversity Leaders Conference

The Latina Style 50 Awards and Diversity Leaders Conference was created to honor, promote and bring recognition to leading Latina Corporate Executives, Employee Resource Groups and high-ranking, high-performing Latinas.

9. Undivided We Rise

Digital Undivided is a non-profit with the goal of helping Latinas and Black women who want to create their own businesses. Undivided We Rise is a virtual summit that will consist of conversations with industry experts on how to grow your brand and own your work.

10. Latina History Day

Organized by HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality), the Latina History Day Conference is an event that in which Latinas “celebrate our shared heritage, recognize our communities’ resilience, and set us on the path to build a better future.” Like many conferences, this event consists of skill-building resources and networking opportunities. 30-years strong, this past year, the conference has gone digital.

11. Annual Latina Empowerment Conference

The Annual Latina Empowerment Conference has a goal of “inspiring, educating and empowering Latina women so that through resilience they rebuild their pillars of life and become agents of progress for their homes and communities.” This bilingual conference features speakers, workshops, and educational resources.