As the US government eases rules on CBD use, many Latinx wellness entrepreneurs are using the healing properties of cannabidiols to formulate products that promote self-care, pain relief and overall well being.

Unlike THC, the cannabinoid CBD doesn’t contain psychoactive properties, so products that include this ingredient don’t induce a feeling of being “high.” Instead, this part of the cannabis sativa plant has been known to alleviate pain and promote calmness. On the skin, some research has shown that CBD can also act as an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and irritation.

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Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite Latina-owned wellness brands fusing CBD into their serums, oils, salves and blends. 

Make & Mary

Make & Mary is a Portland, Oregon-based CBD wellness and beauty brand founded by Yvonne Perez Emerson. Although Emerson created her biz in 2017, she had long been producing homemade lotions and potions – and she has had an even longer relationship with cannabis. She went from a teen who sold weed to get by to a single mom making CBD-infused products that are presently sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her brand sells everything from serums and hydrosols to soaps and bath bombs to lube.

Ojo De La Sol

Ojo De La Sol is a medicinal cannabis wellness company based in Oakland. Owned and operated by Dania Cabello, the Latina started formulating her products to heal the aches and pains of her elders as well as her own body as an athlete dealing with chronic pain. Her products, including salves for joint pain, muscle tension and skin damage, are based on the remedies of her ancestors.


dreamt is an award-winning science-backed cannabis sleep aid brand. Founded by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, a Mexico-born scientist and product developer who struggled with chronic sleep problems throughout her life, dreamt’s products are formulated with cannabinoids, terpenes and other common sleep supplements. The line includes multiple sleeping pens designed to help people sleep or maintain long-lasting rest.


Based out of West Harlem, New York, Herbas is a CBD wellness brand. Founded by Miriam Aristy-Farer, the dominicana created the body and skin care company after personally finding healing through natural plant-powered products. Her handcrafted, vegan, CBD-infused items include topical oils, salves and salt scrubs as well as herb blends.

Gracious Om

Gracious Om is a Latina-owned and -operated brand making natural and organic self-care and beauty products. Based in Los Angeles, founder Andrea Barrera, who was previously a lead research specialist for a neuroscience and mental health clinic, started her company so that people could incorporate the healing properties of CBD into their daily skincare routine. With formulas inspired by conversations with curanderas and estheticians across Latin America, Gracious Om sells face and body scrubs, toners and CBD sheet masks. Items can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Anthropologie and Francesca’s.


BreadxButta is a Brooklyn-based wellness, art and education brand. Owned and operated by Lynsey Ayala, a Puerto Rican curandera, BreadxButta products are influenced by Carribean and ancestral Taino home remedies. Many of its products, including bath soaks, moon oils and tattoo balms, are infused with CBD.

Buena Botanicals 

Launched in 2019, Buena Botanicals is a wellness and beauty company selling body creams, elixirs, bath bombs and soaps infused with organic full-spectrum CBD oil. The Los Angles-based brand was created by Latina twins Rah and Coral with a mission to provide relief to individuals dealing with mental and physical, namly skin, conditions.


Xula is a Latina and Black-owned CBD wellness brand based in Mexico City. Combining ancestral herbal knowledge with modern science, Xula’s CBD-infused products produce general wellness as well as menstrual pain relief. Top-sellers include herbal formulas to help comfort the womb and soften moments of PMS as well as salves that ease sore wombs, muscles and joints.

Root to Ritual

Root to Ritual is a wellness brand specializing in full-spectrum nourishment blends. It was co-founded by Karina Turtzo, a New York-born, Costa Rica-based Latina holistic health and nutrition expert. Its CBD-infused products include body oils and blends designed to promote balance, calmness and clarity.

Bolivar Hemp Company

Founded in 2018 by Larisa Bolivar, Bolivar Hemp Company is a wellness brand using natural plant-based ingredients, including cannabinoids. The Colorado-based company specializes in curative topical products, including hemp muscle rub, relief cream and relief balm.