Remembering Cepillín: The Clown That Made Our Birthdays So Special

Few clowns have reached the fame and love that Cepillín enjoyed. For decades, the Mexican clown became a fixture in our families and special days. Cepillín died March 8 at 75.

Cepillín is and will always be a legend.

Ricardo González Gutiérrez, affectionately known as Cepillín, died March 8 after battling spinal cancer. The news sent grief waves throughout his fandom across the world. For generations, He entertained children with music, television shows, and movies.

His first show, “El Show de Cepillín” premiered in 1977 and brought educational television mixed with comedy and music to children. Aired on Televisa, This shows was aired in 18 countries and made him the most popular clown in Latin America.

He recorded several albums of children’s songs.

He had 11 albums go gold with more than 25 million copies of his albums sold around the world. He will remain in integral part in Latino families around the world. His version of “Las Mañanitas” is a staple at many households when a child, or even adult, celebrates a birthday.

There was a public funeral for him to give family, friends, and fans a chance to bid him farewell for the last time.

Fans are mourning Cepillín’s death and celebrating his life and art.

Cepillín helped some of our favorites get their big breaks into the entertainment industry. Salma Hayek and Yuri were both given a chance to be the entertainers they were meant to be because of him. The pair acted together in the theatrical rendition of “Aladdin” where Hayek played Jasmine.

There is no one that will be able to replace him. The man created a legacy of fun and love that transcended generations. We miss you greatly, Cepillín. Descansa en paz!

Here is Cepillín world-famous “Las Mañanitas” to listen to in honor of Cepillín.

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Mexican Politician Accused Of Rape Vows To Block Elections Unless He’s Allowed To Run

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Mexican Politician Accused Of Rape Vows To Block Elections Unless He’s Allowed To Run


It’s an election year in Mexico and that means that things are heating up as candidates fight for the top spot. At the same time, Mexico is experiencing a burgeoning fight for women’s rights that demands accountability and justice. Despite all the marches and protests and civil disobedience by hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, it remains to be seen how much change will happen and when. 

Case in point: Félix Salgado, a candidate for governor of Guerrero who has been accused of rape and sexual assault but maintains the support of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). Now, after being disqualified from the race because of undisclosed campaign finances, the candidate is vowing to block any elections from taking place unless he is allowed to continue his campaign. 

A disqualified candidate is vowing to block elections unless he’s allowed to run.

Félix Salgado was running to be governor of the Mexican state of Guerrero when he was faced with allegations of rape and sexual assault. The commission that selects party candidates allowed him to remain in the race and he continues to maintain the support of President AMLO – who is of the same political party, Morena. 

However, in late March, election regulators ordered that Salgado be taken off the ballot due to a failure to report campaign spending, according to the AP. Mexico’s electoral court ordered the Federal Electoral Institute (FEI) to reconsider their decision last week. Salgado is already threatening to throw the election process into chaos.

“If we are on the ballot, there will be elections,” Salgado told supporters in Guerrero after leading a caravan of protestors to the FEI’s office in Mexico City on Sunday. “If we are not on the ballot, there will not be any elections,” Salgado said.

The AP notes that Salgado is not making an empty threat. Guerrero is an embattled state overrun with violence and drug gangs and many elections have been previously disrupted. Past governors have been forced out of office before finishing their terms. Salgado was previously filmed getting into a confrontation with police in 2000.

It was just weeks ago that the ruling party allowed Salgado’s candidacy to move forward.

In mid-March, Morena confirmed that Félix Salgado would be its candidate for governor in Guerrero after completing a new selection process in which the former senator was reportedly pitted against four women.

Morena polled citizens in Guerrero last weekend to determine levels of support for five different possible candidates, according to media reports. Among the four women who were included in the process were Acapulco Mayor Adela Román and Senator Nestora Salgado.

Félix Salgado was the clear winner of the survey, even coming out on top when those polled were asked to opine on the potential candidates’ respect for the rights of women. He also prevailed in all other categories including honesty and knowledge of the municipality in which the poll respondents lived.

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Bolero Meets The Modern Club in Los Rivera Destino’s New Single “Castigo” with Pedro Capó


Bolero Meets The Modern Club in Los Rivera Destino’s New Single “Castigo” with Pedro Capó

Los Rivera Destino

Puerto Rican band Los Rivera Destino are back with their new single “Castigo” featuring Pedro Capó. The song is the first single from their long awaited album which is due to be released this summer.

Castigo” is the best of both worlds: fusing Bolero and Dembow, creating a fresh take on songs we would listen to at the club.

We had the chance to interview Los Rivera Destino for Latido Music by mitú, and they talked about filming the music video, songs that they would like to see with Bolero covers, working with Bad Bunny again, and more.

Check out our interview below:

Watch the music video below:

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