Social media can be a breeding ground for bullying, but one creator, @modern_day_angel, found that modern problems require modern solutions. 

The 27-year-old from Tampa, Florida expresses himself through the countless tattoos that cover his body and face. After getting negative comments on TikTok, his account changed from talking about growing up in church and being gay to an all-out war with his haters.

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In fact, the user digs up private information on commenters who attack him. Then, turns the tables by using the info he finds against them. One unexpected plot twist? He tattoos his haters’ comments as part of his revenge tour.

This TikTok creator tattoos his haters’ comments to fight their “bullying”

To honor his haters, @modern_day_angel tattoos their comments on various parts of his body.

When a woman commented, “The world would be better without ya” he decided to catfish her significant other through DMs. Falling for the trick, her boyfriend replied “I won’t be with her much longer. She’s been making me miserable.”

Then, @modern_day_angel tattooed the DM message bubble on his back.


Replying to @Nina Turell 🌹💔

♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

This is not the first tattoo he’s gotten to represent his haters or clap back at those who attempted to get the better of him. He got a restraining order against one of his haters from her ex, a hater’s deceased grandma, and the haters themselves tattoed.

He’s been banned from TikTok 22 times, his haters have vowed to get him permanently removed

On the other hand, some think he goes too far with his antics. After all, he has been reported and banned from TikTok 22 times.

In one video, he addresses his multiple accounts, “Basically, if you are a troll or a bully TikTok will protect you more than it protects its creators.” Other TikTokers promised they would continue following @modern_day_angel and try to get each of his accounts suspended or banned. Regardless, he still makes new ones to replace them.

Some haters he’s responded to even threatened to sue him or bring legal action. However, it remains unclear whether his actions are illegal or if they’re just empty threats.

Despite negative comments, the creator keeps going

In a tongue-in-cheek video, he states that he has “deep regret” about his tattoos and wishes “he could take it all back” while showing off a Louis Vuitton backpack and a white Audi. He posted the video in response to commenters who told him that he ruined his body with tattoos.

However, there remains a difference between being genuinely concerned about someone’s decisions and being hateful towards someone who has nothing to do with you. Some of these commenters find out what happens when you go after someone who goes the extra mile to get revenge.

“You left a negative comment on my video and I did the perfectly reasonable rational thing that anyone would do. I got a permanent tattoo of you and your fiance on prom night with my face swapped with yours. What’s the problem?”

Makes everyone think twice before making a particularly nasty comment to someone on social media.