Let’s just say it: Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as the Bad Bunny we all know and love, is a lyrical and melodic genius. While polarizing, the Puerto Rican singer is puro rock ‘n roll in his sensibilities, rebelling against mainstream reggaeton standards through wearing nail polish, and even talking sexual fluidity. 

As Bad Bunny once told the LA Times, his sexuality “does not define” him, explaining, “at the end of the day, I don’t know if in 20 years I will like a man. One never knows in life.” He has also spoken out about gender equality and women’s empowerment, telling “Playboy,” “the music industry and society in general [treat women] like they’re nothing.” He continued, “women are human beings and deserve respect and the same treatment as anybody else.” With songs like “Yo Perreo Sola” that talk about women not needing (or even wanting) men in order to have a good time perreando at the club, Benito’s perspective is a lot deeper and more meditative than many people may think.

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We’ve given an extra good listen to the Almirante Sur, Puerto Rico-born singer’s music, and his lyrics are truly mind-blowing. It’s no wonder a recent episode of Netflix’s “Rebelde” reboot featured a surprisingly philosophical Bad Bunny quote — the reggaetonero’s lyrics take a poetic deep dive into heartbreak, money, and the pursuit of happiness. Here are our favorite Bad Bunny quotes of all time!

1. “Si las miradas mataran, la tuya me hizo el amor” 

We’ll never get over Bad Bunny’s poetic twist on the classic saying, “if looks could kill.” While singing his verse on “No Me Conoce (Remix)” alongside reggaeton peers Jhay Cortez and J Balvin, Bad Bunny explains, “if looks could kill, yours made love to me.” Side note: we would probably immediately collapse if someone said this to us. 

2. “Lo malo pasó, el tiempo es mi doctor… la vida es una movie, soy mi propio director”

This quote hit us right in the feels the minute we heard it on the “El Último Tour Del Mundo” track “Antes Que Se Acabe.” The epitome of a pandemic-era album (Bunny released it on November 2020), it often dives into existential topics much like this one. As the singer explains, “the bad times passed, time is my doctor… life is a movie, I’m my own director,” he shows his joie de vivre perspective.

3. “En la disco habían mil, y yo bailando contigo en mi mente”

The reggaetonero released “Yonaguni” as a single last year, surprising everyone with a final verse exclusively in Japanese (the title is actually an island in Japan). This quote always stuck with us, describing, “there were a thousand [people] in the club, but I was dancing with you in my mind.” Another lyric that shows just how imaginative the Boricua singer can be, we also appreciate the hilarious call-out of, “vi que viste mi story y subiste una pa’ mí.” Yep, caught.

4. “Yo sigo siendo el mismo, yo no he cambiao’. Tengo lo mío sin tener que aparentar”

“25/8” is a song featured on Bad Bunny’s epic 2021 album “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” or “YHLQMDLG,” which goes off into several tangents about the rapper’s upbringing and how he lives his life today. As he explains it, although some people say he isn’t “calle” enough and doesn’t even leave his house, he sets the facts straight. Although he’s humble, he doesn’t allow anyone to mess with him, and while he might be wearing Louis Vuitton nowadays — he’s still “el mismo” from the Almirante Sur barrio in Vega Baja.

5. “Tu carita de ángel me engaña. Yo soy sano, pero tú me dañas”

Many of us have been there at least once: getting wrapped up in someone’s web of lies, all disguised by a pretty or innocent-looking face. The singer/rapper goes off on “Diles” alongside Ozuna and Farruko, describing a passionate yet toxic relationship. While the person in question is presumably cheating on their partner to be with Bunny, the singer talks about catching feelings: “your angel face tricks me. I’m [emotionally] healthy, but you ruin me.” Yes, behind all those beats, the singer gets really deep sometimes.

6. “Yo soy ese tatuaje, mami, que no se te borra. Sin palomería, yo no bajo con cotorra”

We got extremely excited when Bad Bunny and Aventura announced their collaboration on 2021’s “Volví,” a bachata-tinged song that talks about waiting for the love of your life to leave their new lover and come back to you. Sure, Romeo Santos’ immediately-iconic lyric “si yo volví a Aventura, tú regresas a mi lado, baby” makes us smile and sing at the top of our lungs in equal measure. But Bad Bunny’s quote, “I’m that tattoo, mami, that doesn’t fade” followed up by a line about a parrot that actually just means he doesn’t just talk the talk but actually takes action? It’s actually tattooed on us now (metaphorically — for the time being).

7. “Tú me dejaste el cuerpo caliente, infierno. Pero me dejaste el corazón frío, invierno”

While guayaba and cream cheese are always a surefire mix, and cafecito con leche is arguably one of the best collabs of all time, is there a better combination than Bad Bunny’s low-pitched, raspy verses and Rosalía’s gorgeous flamenco melodies? We think not. “La Noche de Anoche” is a beautiful track (with a mind-blowing Salvador Dalí inspired video) that features Benito’s legendary lyric: “you left my body hot, hell. But you left my heart cold, winter.” This quote is as poetic as it gets, sharply painting the picture of a physical relationship that soon went awry. Another fierce lyric contender we love for the vibes? “Sin mucha labia, sin mucha cotorra. Cuando estoy contigo dejo que la vibra corra.”

8. “Ya yo perdí la fe de que tú mejores, si después de la lluvia sale el arcoíris pero sin colores”

Who can forget about Bad Bunny’s piano-laced 2018 single “Amorfoda” that put the Boricua singer and rapper on the map for many of us? Opening up with the epic chorus “no quiero que más nadie me hable de amor, ya me cansé, to’ esos trucos ya me los sé, esos dolores los pasé,” Bunny is all of us after a bad breakup — it’s no wonder the song is practically required listening after one. We’ll stick to a lyric right smack in the middle of the verse that says, “I lost faith that you would be better, if after the rain comes the rainbow but without colors.” Once again, this quote proves just how much of a poetic lyricist the 27-year-old can be.