Selena was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Grammys last night. Her fans are not happy about how brief the tribute turned out to be.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honorees were shouted out in a minutes-long segment.

To be fair to the Grammy Awards, a full-on tribute to Selena was never promised by the show, but her fans still had high hopes. The Tejano music legend and her fellow Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, Salt-N-Pepa, Talking Heads, Marilyn Horne, Lionel Hampton, and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, were treated to a minutes-long segment that announced them as honorees.

The Selena fans were not happy.

Fans watched the whole three-hour-long telecast with an expectation for Selena to be celebrated in a bigger way. Many fans express their discontent on Twitter following the very short Lifetime Achievement Award segment.

Memes flooded social media as people felt cheated of a Selena tribute.

Some people were not happy with the Selena tribute some felt they were promised. Selena is super important to her fans so if you are going to give them a tribute, make sure you make good on that promise.

There were so many memes.

Selena’s family celebrated her Lifetime Achievement Award on social media.

Selena’s family was still very excited to received the Lifetime Achievement Award on her behalf.

“Thank you to The Recording Academy in recognizing Selena for this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award and a special thank you to Selena’s fans for their love and support to her music and legacy,” read the post with a picture of the award.

Chris Pérez, who was married to Selena, congratulated his late wife on the honor.

Her family also unveiled photos of Selena getting ready for the night that she won her first and only Grammy Award.

In a lead-up to last night’s Grammy Awards, Selena’s family unveiled some rare photos of the singer getting ready for the 1994 Grammy Awards. She can be seen getting her hair done and hanging out in New York City with her sister, Suzette Quintanilla. “We had such a great time,” Suzette commented on the post.

The photos were taken hours before Selena won her first and only competitive Grammy Award. Her LP Selena Live! won in the Best Mexican/American Album category.

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