Regional Mexican superstar Lupillo Rivera is pulling no punches with his new single. He teams up with fellow LBC native Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hills’ B-Real in “Grandes Ligas.” Rising Mexican rappers Alemán and Santa Fe Klan also feature in the music video.

Lupillo Rivera blends his classic “El Pelotero” with hip-hop.

Rivera samples his own classic “El Pelotero” with a rap on both sides of the border from Tío Snoop, B-Real, Alemán, and Santa Fe Klan. This collaboration is not exactly out of left field for Rivera as he was born and raised in Long Beach with Snoop.

“I’ve had a love for rap since Eazy-E and N.W.A, when they started coming out,” Rivera said during a press conference. “Snoop, we were classmates. We went to the same high school. When Snoop popped up [in rap], I was, ‘Oh man, this guy is really making it.'”

Lupillo Rivera admits that B-Real’s fire verse made him up his game.

Not too far off from Long Beach is B-Real, a Chicano from L.A. The bars this Cypress Hill legend spits in English and Spanish are mind-blowing. He seamlessly switches between both languages. “When I heard B-Real’s part, I was like, ‘Damn, this vato killed it,'” Rivera said. “I got to up my game. I don’t care if I’m speaking Spanish, but I got to make my sh*t sound right.”

During the press conference, B-Real mentioned that his Spanish has gotten better over the years from features and the few times that Cypress Hill has recorded in Spanish. He admitted that his wife still helps him out when he has to spit bars in his family’s native tongue. “My sh*t is that I always give it to my wife to proofread it to make sure I wrote everything correctly,” he said.

Alemán and Santa Fe Klan team up for the first time on this collaboration.

Thanks to Christian Nodal and Gera MX’s hit “Botella Tras Botella,” regional Mexican music and hip-hop fusions are going global. “Grandes Ligas” is a breakthrough moment for Mexicanos Alemán and Santa Fe Klan, who are collaborating together for the first time.

“I didn’t do this for money,” Alemán said. “I did this for my love of making music. I’m going to keep opening doors to help out more carnales who got my back. They’ve given me a hand before. As Alemán, I hope to one day be a bridge to help more of the clika come over.”

The music video is like a Latino Ocean’s Eleven.

“Grandes Ligas” is a knockout collaboration. The music video for the explosive track is cinematic like Ocean’s Eleven with the guys working together to take some loot. It’s also pretty intense with Rivera getting shot and seemingly killed. “[This video] is never intended to disgust viewers or encourage them to commit any violent acts,” reads the disclaimer at the start of the visual.

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