In honor of the summer solstice on June 20, indie imprint Acrylic Label released the compilation album El Dia Más Largo. Ten rising acts in Latin America, the U.S., and Spain deliver 13 tracks of Latin Lo-fi that capture the spirit of the longest day of the year.

Acrylic Label is bringing Latin Lo-fi music to the forefront with El Dia Más Largo.

The El Dia Más Largo album is a first-of-its-kind compilation with Latin music artists who are putting a new spin on the Lo-fi genre. Acrylic Label’s Jeremy Da spearheaded the project to bring more awareness of the new wave of emerging Latin Lo-fi artists. Among the acts on the compilation are Acrylic’s Flora Vida, Mexican producer Palmasur, Paraguay’s Baco Beats, and Venezuela’s Orestes Gómez.

“To celebrate the summer solstice, we focused on Latin Lo-fi, a sub-genre that we have developed with artists like Flora Vida and Palmasur,” Da said in a statement. “El Dia Más Largo is a celebration of the summer solstice with Latin Lo-fi that sounds a bit brighter than traditional Lo-fi.”

El Dia Más Largo is a pleasant listening experience the whole way through.

On YouTube, El Dia Más Largo can be listened to as a continuous stream. It’s certainly a new way to experience and listen to Latin music. Among the highlights on the album are Flora Vida’s tropical bop “Jenmanii” with Gómez, Palmasur’s bustling “Noche En México,” Orestes new-age bolero “Bolero de Despedida,” and Baco Beats’ dreamy “Guaraní Landscape.” Honestly, the LP needs to be listened to the whole way through.

“On a personal note, when I discovered Lo-fi music, I realized that I could listen to it all day and work at the same time, which was difficult for me to do with pop, urban, or rock music,” Da added. I can attest to this as the album was my soundtrack as I wrote this story.

Broz Rodriguez’s SUPER TRANKKI is another Latin Lo-fi act to watch out for.

Acrylic Label will be one to watch for in the Latin Lo-fi music scene. For more Lo-fi, check out SUPER TRANKKI. Mexican DJ Broz Rodriguez teamed up with his wife Momis Alanis to create this new duo. Last month the couple released the EP the chill you need featuring the ethereal “Dogma.”  

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