Ecuadorian-American singer and pop sensation Christina Aguilera (who goes by Xtina on social media) has a new, Ranchera-inspired single called “La Reina,” with an accompanying music video that’s absolutely gorgeous to look at. The new track comes from Aguilera’s Spanish-language EP, “La Fuerza,” which was released on January 21 of this year and functions as part one of a three-part EP series that will culminate in Aguilera’s ninth studio album.

“La Reina” is a unique track on “La Fuerza” in the way that it doubles as a response to another popular song by singer Vicente Fernández, “El Rey.” In an interview with HOLA!, Aguilera explains more about her decision to write the song and why she felt so compelled to release it. “I always pay tribute to the greatest, and Vicente Fernández is one of them. His song ‘El Rey’ talks about being the king and how great it is,” she said. “With ‘La Reina,’ I reply to this great classic emphasizing how a king wouldn’t be a king without his queen.”

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Aguilera, who’s worked with Vicente Fernández’s son, Alejandro, assures fans that her response comes from a place of respect and admiration for Fernández’s work. Even still, Aguilera hopes her message comes across loud and clear. “On this record, I have an answer back to that classic legendary song called ‘La Reina,’ which is basically saying today, ‘it’s amazing that you’re the king, you will always be the king, but you are nothing without your queen.’”

“La Fuerza” is Aguilera’s first Spanish-language project in over 20 years, and even she feels that her follow-up is long overdue. “It is really fun to tap as a grown woman making music that I feel empowered by and that I can share not only with my kids, but ultimately the fans will have been waiting for me to come back to Spanish-language music,” she said.

The video for “La Reina” is well worth the watch, with Aguilera dressed in red, surrounded by guitar players and flower petals in the courtyard of a Mexican mansion.