Chilean singer-songwriter Javiera Mena is back with her new EP I. Entusiasmo. Just in time for Pride month, she comes through with new dance tracks and a few ballads.

Javiera Mena gave us the first taste of Entusiamso last year with “Flashback.”

I. Entusiasmo is Mena’s first taste of new music since 2018’s Espejo album. She teased the EP in March 2020 with the dazzling lead single “Flashback.” For those who are familiar with Mena’s disco-influenced tracks, this one adds to her immaculate collection.

The Greek god Eros was an inspiration for Javiera Mena’s Entusiamso EP.

“The concepts of enthusiasm, passion, desire, and Eros bind all of the EP’s songs, which is why I chose that name,” Mena said in a statement. “The drive to chase after something, whether another person or an action runs through all of the songs. This doing impulse is linked to Eros, not just to the sexual Eros associated with carnal desire, but also the Eros that motivates people to do things.”

The theme of passion and love runs deeply through the ballad “Dos.” Mena released the track back in March and she tackles the tribulations of a love triangle. Though it’s a slowed-down moment for her, there’s nothing subdued about it. Mena brings on the melodrama with this stunning slice of electronica.

“Diva” is another one of Javiera Mena’s anthems for the LGBTQ+ community.

The openly lesbian artist also comes through with another queer anthem. Mena’s given us “Espada” before. She teams up with Spanish producer Chico Blanco for a house music-inspired moment called “Diva.” No LGBTQ+ Pride playlist will be complete without this one. The Latine synth-pop queen holds onto her crown with this fierce club anthem.

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