It’s not everyday you see Coldplay’s singer Chris Martin sing in Spanish — but that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, March 22 at the band’s concert in Santo Domingo’s Estadio Félix Sánchez. Of course, the crowd went wild, and now we’re going just as crazy from watching the video.

The entire band joined in to close the concert with the cover — and as shown in the video, Martin was just as into the performance as the fans were. The energy can be felt through the screen – with one user commenting, “this shows humility, respect, and love from the band to their fans.”

Now, we’re ecstatic that the band showed the same cariño for their Dominican fans, with the now-iconic video showing the entire stadium freaking out once Martin began singing, “te regalo una rosa.” The UK-born singer actually had to restart the song a few times because fans could not stop screaming and applauding, making Martin smile and laugh with what can only be described as pure joy. With just his acoustic guitar in hand, the “Yellow” singer is finally able to continue singing “Bachata Rosa”— and it’s perfect.

As shown in the video, everyone begins singing the legendary track in unison, with fans joining in for the epic chorus, “ay, ay ay ay, amor… eres la rosa que me da calor.” Making for a beautiful moment few will ever forget, can we just say we’re also very impressed with Martin’s Spanish?! 

Even Juan Luis Guerra was shocked by the homage, posting the video on his Instagram and captioning it with, “Delighted by this beautiful version of Bachata Rosa! Thank you Chris Martin and Coldplay for bringing a night of joy to the Dominican people.” Okay, now we need a collaboration stat.

Martin actually has quite a history singing songs in Spanish, teaming up with Shakira to sing both “Chantaje” and “Me Enamoré” live in 2017 (epic!). Still, no one was prepared for his solo cover of “Bachata Rosa” — but we’re so glad it happened.

Coldplay has a history of covering songs from the countries they tour in: for example, they famously covered Soda Stereo’s epic rock track “Musica Ligera” in their Buenos Aires concert back in 2017.

The band is now on their world Music of the Spheres tour, and as shown by their tour schedule, they are set to hit several cities in Mexico this month — and countries like Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina by September and October 2022. Now, we can’t stop wondering what Spanish songs the band will cover next — and can we just say we’re hoping for a Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez, or Chavela Vargas pick? We can only dream!