CNCO’s Joel Pimentel worked on his muscle gains for most of 2020. Since the start of 2021, the Mexican-American singer has been showing off the fruits of his labor in glorious thirst trap posts. Pimentel’s biggest flex of 2021 is his biceps.

Pimentel is proud of his gains.

If you follow Pimentel on Instagram, it’s no secret that he spent his 2020 quarantine time bulking up. You can see the progress of the 21-year-old’s fitness journey through every shirtless photo that he’s posted along the way. To kick off 2021, he posted a gratuitous photo set showing off his biceps and abs in the bathroom mirror.

“Wooo my boi rock solid,” commented Pimentel’s CNCO bandmate Richard Camacho on the photos. “Bouts to be my body guard fusho!”

Knowing the power of his thirst traps, Pimentel posted another photo last month with the caption: “Lost my shirt” with a sad face. His friend and fellow singer Yoandri simply wrote in the comments, “CHICHIS.”

CNCO has got it going on in “Solo Importas Tú.”

In CNCO’s steamiest music video yet, all the guys flaunt their bodies for their cover of Franco De Vita’s “Solo Importas Tú.” Pimentel wears a sleeveless shirt that welcome the #CNCOwners (the band’s fanbase) to his gun show. He also lets his voice soar on the classic love song. The Latin boyband’s covers album Déjá Vu will be released this Friday, Feb. 5.

Pimentel and CNCO support their LGBTQ+ fans.

Pimentel and the guys of CNCO know that they just don’t have women’s eyes on them, but also eyes from fans in the LGBTQ+ community, and they’re down with that. Last year, Pimentel agreed with Yoandri’s tweet on not judging people about their sexuality. He told LADYGUNN: “We love [our fans in the LGBTQ+ community] and we support them. We’re with them. My best friend [Yoandri] is part of the community, so if you don’t have anything nice to comment, just don’t say anything.”

Joel is here to quench your thirst (traps).

Now that you’re more familiar with Pimentel and CNCO, here’s more of his sexy thirst traps. It’s his birthday month too, so be sure to show him plenty of love. This Pisces king turns 22 on Feb. 28.

There was that time Pimentel gave us an update on his health. To show us that he survived food poisoning, he posted a shirtless selfie. His friend Christian Acosta commented in Spanish, “If you zoom in [on this photo], you lose.”

We might have a future U.S. Secretary of Transportation on our hands. Pimentel showed us he was a train enthusiast when he posted a shirtless photo next to the train tracks.

Pimentel showed off his backside with a photo captioned: “enjoying God’s creation.” Yes, his fans are enjoying the view.

To switch it up from the usual bathroom selfies, Pimentel propped up a mirror in front of his kitchen and took a shirtless photo. There was nothing snack size about this serve.

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