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Stray Dog Goes Viral After Crossing The U.S.-Mexico Border Without Papers

Each year there are millions of us who head to the post office, a passport agency office, or another country’s consulate to apply for a passport or a visa in order to travel across foreign borders. And every day there are thousands of people who cross the U.S.-Mexico border using these very documents. But it turns out that our furry friends with four legs aren’t held to the same standards, as a viral video of a stray dog crossing into the U.S. shows.

Stray dog passes U.S. immigration to enter the United States without any issues.

For many foreigners, the walk across the border from Mexico into the United States can be a daunting one – with or without the proper documentation. Will they accept my documents? Are they going to racially profile me? Are they going to take me into secondary interrogation? There are so many fears that foreign migrants and tourists alike have when attempting to enter the U.S.

But apparently, man’s best friend doesn’t necessarily face the same issue. In a video recently captured by Diana Díaz – who was crossing the border through El Paso – we see a stray dog walking carelessly across the border. The dog is approached by Border Patrol agents…who pet the dog and then, seconds later, let him go. The dog passes through one of the checkpoints and crosses into the U.S. without any problems.

Many on social media wanted to know what happened to the pup after he crossed the border.

Diana Díaz, who captured the video of the traveling dog, uploaded photos to Facebook where they already have thousands of likes about the adventurous dog. Comments poured in showing empathy and tenderness for the animal with some asking if it was still in the area so that they could adopt it and give it the family that it deserved.

In the images, you can see how the dog follows people over the border crossing and keeps them company. Apparently, the pet had no owner and was simply wandering in the border area. Seeing passersby crossing from one country to another, he decided to do the same.

Stray dogs along the border are nothing new and there is a rescue group aimed at helping them.

The Bridge Pup Rescue group was launched by Ruby Montana and her brother Matthew – who is a CBP agent and works along the border in El Paso. The group helps stray dogs found at the borders find a loving home.

“It initially started with my brother and I,” Ruby Montana told ABC7 in El Paso. “My brother is a CBP agent who works on the bridge and there would be a lot of stray dogs that would cross over and my brother has a huge heart and just couldn’t send them away.”

Bridge Pup Rescue works to find foster homes for these stray border dogs using the power of social media. Once a photo of the dog is uploaded to social media, the group’s followers work to find the dog a new home.

“So it started with just really one and then another and another and so now really whenever any of the CBP agents find dogs on the bridge they know to call my brother and my brother will call me,” Montana told ABC7.

Thanks to Matthew Montana’s job with the CBP – the group has a very strong system in place to ensure the dogs are well taken care of. Once a dog is found at the border, they’re kept in a kennel until one of the group’s members can pick up the dog and bring them to their shelter in El Paso. They’re then bathed, receive medical care, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered.

“For me it’s a simple, because they need help,” Montana told ABC7. “That’s the bottom line and if I can give it then I always will.”

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