21 Things That Would Happen If Stranger Things Was A Telenovela

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We all know that there is nothing better than the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, except maybe your favorite and cheesy (you know it is) Telenovela. Netflix has come a long way past conventional television, bringing us on demand series at the click of a button. So what would happen if they were blended together, cliches and all; and Stranger Things was a Telenovela? I don’t know about you, but seeing as I grew up always having to backseat watch several Telenovela’s to the point where I started liking them myself, and now as an adult and enjoying the unique Science Fiction aspects of Netflix’s Stranger Things, I can’t help but wonder… Well, let’s go ahead and speculate, remember, spoilers are coming now:

1) Wedding Drama

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As per most Telenovela, there simply has to (has to!) be some sort of drama on a wedding. The thing that comes to mind would be our Joyce Byers and Bob Newby, the short-lived fling during Season Two that left many fans heartbroken – well, as a Telenovela, there definitely would have been a wedding crashed by Demogrogons! Imagine it.

2) Evil Twins

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Did you ever consider that Will Byers would have an evil twin brother, separated at birth by some stranger circumstance and now he works for the Mind Flayer? Because as a Telenovela, it would definitely have!

3) The Mob owns the Town

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Unfortunately as a Telenovela, the quiet rural town of Hawkins would undoubtedly be a drug/crime capital. We all know the Sheriff would be in on it, too!

4) Cat Fights

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Slapping is just another way of greeting people in Telenovela (if it isn’t it might as well be), but with all the drama unfolding, guaranteed there will be plenty of action! Especially when fan favorite Billy Hargrove came onto set in Season Two, there was definitely some fighting over him!

5.) Nancy would have a Mysterious Illness

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Nancy Wheeler is the hearthrob of Stranger Things, so it isn’t surprisingly to assume that she would find herself suddenly ill, perhaps fatally so… but don’t worry, we know these things are usually cured the next day.

6.) Coma, coma, and coma!

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Par for course with Telenovela, aside from strange illnesses, at least one or more cast members needs to fall into a coma. It is pretty much mandatory at this point.

7) Actors and actresses will change. A lot.

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Contracts end all the time, or some on set drama happens. All we know is whenever a character is set to have an actor change, it’s usually not-too-subtle.

8) Last Second Saves

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Get ready for there to be virtually no danger for your favorite characters, because as long as the audience loves them, in a Telenovela they will always get rescued or saved at the last second! In this case, Eleven would definitely be a savior!

9) Someone who can’t get pregnant, will get pregnant.

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Nancy Wheeler, the previously mentioned heart throb, already has several guys gunning for her. In a Telenovela world, you bet she would be pregnant… and more than likely, not know who the father was until the last second blood test shocks everyone! Now we certainly hope that this would not occur, but this is just the type of drama that comes with this hybrid of Netflix and Tv series style writing.

10) Aging will happen overnight.

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Eleven briefly disappears for a couple months. In a Telenovela, when she returned, she would not only be significantly older, but would have a different actress! That would be kind of interesting, don’t you think? I can already imagine all fans rising up in refusal after the actresses are switched!

11) The Forbidden Love

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Everyone hated Billy Hargrove during his debut in Season Two, but in the Telenovela world he would undoubtedly be the dark, handsome new comer that steals the heart of… Karen Wheeler! We saw this casual flirt near the end of the Season Two, but in Telenovela, it would be a fullblown affair! It comes with the territory of being the residential bad-boy, I guess.

12) Split Personalities

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One of our favorite characters (most likely Dustin) would have a split personality, and that personality would more than likely be evil. That’s just how it goes, and we do sort of see this behavior from Will in Season Two, seeing as he works as a spy for the Mind Flayer. 

13) Baby Drama

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Aside from the fact that most people will be getting pregnant at some point or another, there would definitely be some fuss over the children. Whether it is who-is-the-father, switched babies at the Hospital or even stolen babies; something would happen. We just know it!

14) The Dead Would Return

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Too soon? Definitely too soon for me, the water works were in full effect! We all thought they killed that evil (or amazingly good) character, but guess who miraculously survived? That same guy. Come back to us, Bob.

15) Medical Marvels

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Sure, mysterious illnesses might pop up… but fatal gun-shot wounds or accidents? Somehow, someway… the characters would survive… after a suspenseful stay in the Hospital, of course.

16) There would be a Car Crash

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This one goes without saying. Is it even a Telenovela if someone doesn’t get into a car accident? Let’s just hope the victim isn’t Billy’s car!

17) Ups and Downs

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The good news would come, the bad news would follow shortly after, then at the last second; good news again. This is sort of the formula Telenovela follows, and Stranger Things would be a different story with it! I don’t know if I could handle it.

18) The Lovers are… Related!?

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We all know the fear that our favorite couple is actually cousins, or siblings… and that’s what Telenovela does! What do you mean Nancy and Jonathan are related!? 

19) Step-moms and Step-dads are EVIL

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In many instances the parents or step parents make it their sole duty in life to make the main character’s life an absolute mess. Could you see it happening?

20) Amnesia

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One of the main characters (maybe Eleven) would have even worse Amnesia than she already has, complete with forgetting all her friends and loved ones!

21) The Love Triangle

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Thankfully Stranger Things already has this going with Nancy, Jonathan and Steve. Still, it’s pretty much required for Telenovela these days.

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