This TikToker Went Viral For Imitating The Singer’s Voice To Order Pizza And Shakira Just Responded

Colombian superstar Shakira is well-known for being extra-connected with her fans. It’s extremely common to see her social media feeds filled with fans – everyday folks to major celebs alike – sharing their takes on classic Shakira hits.

Some do her songs to perfection, oftentimes spectacularly (like Rosé from Blackpink), while others inject a sense of humor. But the important thing is that the global star recognizes and appreciates her many, many fans. And Shakira is not afraid to interact with fans, often uploading a response to fan-created content when it gets a certain level of attention.

And that’s exactly what happened after a former American Idol contestant went viral for a moment that will not live on forever in our memory.

Former American Idol contestant Shubha Vedula went viral on TikTok for perfectly imitating Shakira’s deep voice… while ordering pizza.

TikTok has no shortage of very viral moments. In fact, the platform was practically built on viral dance challenges and celebrity impressions. The latter is what sent the former American Idol contestant to Internet fame and TikTok royalty as the singer surprised us all – including Shakira herself – by imitating the star’s voice as she ordered a pizza to the rhythm of ‘Suerte.’

The video – which now has more than 3.4 million likes and over 32,000 comments – shows the very talented singer ordering a pizza while imitating Shakira’s iconic singing voice. Throughout the call, Shuba manages to complete her order, although it seems like she doesn’t get her pizza in the end since she ends up saying she’s Shakira and both her and the person on the other line erupt into laughter. Her interpretation of Shakira’s voice was so real that the person taking her order asked, “Wait, is this really Shakira?”

With more than half a million followers on Instagram and 5 million on TikTok, Shuba frequently posts similar content. Her social media is filled with songs, covers, and also jokes – many of which are prank phone calls.

But things escalated when Shakira responded to the singer with her own video.

Shakira wasted no time taking to her Instagram and use the now-viral TikTok clip to create a video where she sings her response to Shubha’s order. In other words, we’re treated to a reenacted conversation between someone impersonating Shakira and Shakira herself, all based on someone ordering a pizza. This is why the Internet was created and I can’t get enough.

“Hi Shuba, can I take your order please?” the Colombian superstar wrote on Instagram.

Of course, while realizing the magnitude of Shakira reposting a video of her, Shubha left a comment on the singer’s Instagram: “Ummm, Miss Shakira, thank you, I adore you, can we collaborate one day? Someone pinch me – crying,” she wrote.

Shubha herself can’t believe what happened.


#duet with @shakira thank you again @jaxwritessongs and @Domino’s Pizza #rap #sing #fyp

♬ original sound – Shuba

While Shubha is still processing that this incredible human being knows her name, she also thanked the Internet, the pizza company and her followers for sharing in such a special moment.

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