The Trailer For The Final Season Of ‘La Casa De Las Flores’ Is Here And We’re Not Ready To Say Goodbye

Are you ready to say adios to Pau and her eclectic – to say the last – family? Yea, me neither. But here we are.

‘La Casa de Las Flores’ has been an immensely successful Netflix series that’s been bringing us just what we didn’t know we needed – a “millennial telenovela.” And boy has it delivered. Since 2018, the Mexican series has showcased the dysfunctional relationships and spilling the tea of the De la Mora family. Created by Manolo Caro, the hit series has received multiple accolades and critical acclaim for touching upon themes like transphobia, homophobia, racism, elitism, and domestic abuse.

Topped off with Cecilia Suárez’s character Paulina de la Mora’s popular stretched accent, the comedy-drama has spawned two successful seasons. Season 2 premiered in October 2019, and since then, fans have been waiting for an update on ‘The House of Flowers’ season 3. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

The trailer for the third and final season of “La Casa de las Flores” was recently released and has fans counting down the days until it hits Netflix.

We don’t have too many details so far on who will return from the cast, but given that Verónica Castro is no longer a part of the series, we can assume that the three stars are the De la Mora children and will likely be returning: Cecilia Suarez (Paulina), Aislinn Derbez (Elena), and Dario Yazbek Bernal (Julián).

We also hope to see more of Narcos veteran Teresa Ruiz, who guest starred as newcoming Marilu in season 2. And given the twists and turns of this series, we should definitely be prepared for more special guests come season 3. 

‘The House of Flowers’ season 3 is all set to release in its entirety on April 23, 2020,on Netflix. In a rather surprising statement, the makers have revealed that the third season will be the final season of the show.

OK…but what happened in the last season? (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

In the last season, we saw how — spoiler alert! — the death of Virginia further unsettled the world of the De La Mora family. Having lost their flower shop, their mother, and apparently their father (to a spiritual cult!), the three De La Mora siblings – played by Suárez, Dario Yazbek Bernal, and Aislinn Derbez – banded together to get back some semblance of normalcy. That involved getting Paulina back from Madrid where, as we see in the trailer, she’s sharing her drama with a chatty young gay Spaniard, and plotting how to put this dysfunctional family back together.

If you were hoping that would involve raging fires, hookups involving cow costumes (“the udders turn me on”) and puppet therapy, then you’re in luck. Because this season had all of those and plenty of more jaw-dropping worthy moments that will make you want to immediately immerse yourself in this queer gem of a show.

As if the drama of Season Two wasn’t enough to get you to keep watching – Mexican-American drag queen Valentina will be in the new season!

Credit: AllAboutValentina / Instagram

Drag Race star Valentina has revealed that she will be in the next season of Netflix’s La Casa De Las Flores. The ‘diva with a heart’ will be making a guest appearance as herself.

Valentina made the announcement on Instagram, writing: “It’s is my honor to announce my participation in my favorite @Netflix show LA CASA DE LAS FLORES.

“I’m on season 3! So if you haven’t watch[ed] season 1 and 2, get into it!” In a follow up post, she added: “I went crazy for the show when it first came out and thought ‘I HAVE TO BE ON THIS SHOW’ especially when they used Yes sir I can boogie for the trailer!

“I was just ending Rent and All Stars 4 when I got the call! Once I was on board, I got to live in Mexico City at @fsmexico for a month! Hay! And with a full glam team!

So what should I look forward to in Season 3? OMG, where to begin?!

Credit: La Casa de Las Flores / Netflix

Season 3 might showcase Paulina’s time in jail after voluntarily being put behind bars. The season might focus more on Ernesto, Virginia, and Solomon’s complicated relationship in their youth by transporting us to 1979.

Elena might end up in a coma, and the family might also learn that she is pregnant. Maria’s annoying sister Purificación Riquelme might visit Paulina in prison and threaten to make Paulina’s life hell. Maria and Paulina’s ruptured relationship might blossom again. Diego can begin questioning his sexuality. We can also expect Paulina to map out a plan to get out of prison.

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