Fúchila Fresheners and mitú Just Released Car Accessories For Your Carcancha And They’re Adorbs

A car without accessories is like a bedroom without decor, a taco without salsa, chile without limón. Basically, it’s basic and boring. If you’ve been looking for a way to add some personality to your cute little car, the moment is now. mitú has partnered with Fúchila Fresheners to create the perfect accessories to give your car some flavor.

Chismosas Crew Freshener Set

Does comadreship have a scent? Now it does! This pack comes with two air fresheners so you can give one to your best comadre. Because you guys dress alike, act alike, listen to the same music, and now you can smell the same rose-scented realness even when you’re apart. But everybody knows the realest comadres are never apart. Never ever. They remain chismosas for life!

Latino Essentials Freshener

Has there ever been a pair of fresheners that encapsulates our childhoods like this? No. The answer is no. One whiff of these bad boys and you’ll be reliving every Saturday morning cleaning session, every time you were sick and your mom used the healing power of “sana sana.” These scents will make you so nostalgic you’ll call your mom nada más para saludar and she’ll tell you “ponte a trabajar.” Oh, amá. Never change.

Poderosa Freshener Set

I’m sure you have thought to yourself “I wish there was a fragrance that could remind me of the powerful independent badass jefa that I am”. Well there are two of them in this set! The Mazapan freshener will remind you how tough you are, while your girl on the “She Se Puede” freshener is looking right at you like she completely believes in you. Breathe that cinnamon-vanilla scent in. Smell that? That’s you. Kicking ass at life.

Mijo On Board Car Magnet

We know you don’t want to sound pretentious, but you should let people know that inside your car rides the most beautiful requete-cachetón baby on the surface of the planet. Period.

And remember: Don’t text and drive. Do it for your Mijo.

Mija On Board

Your precious daughter will one day grow up to be a Cardi or Selena, or the President of the United States. YASSSS mami, or papi, you’ve got precious cargo sitting in the backseat. So let traffic know that your child, your beautiful mija, THE FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY, is actually on board your automobile with this gorgeous magnet. You’ll immediately notice how the moment you put this on your car, people will instantly act more politely towards you on the road, blowing you kisses and waving and throwing you bouquets of flowers and chunks of piña para your precious niña.

Mijos On Board

Politely tell tailgators “para de chingar” with this adorable “mijos on board” magnet. Your little ones already spend the majority of the day screaming and crying rivers, so you definitely don’t need someone riding up your B-U-T-T with their inconsiderate driving. This magnet will ward off evil drivers, and give you the driving experience you deserve, while letting the world know you’re a parent. But not just any parent, you’re a proud AF Latino parent.

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