882 Folklorico Dancers Broke A Guinness World Record In Guadalajara While Dancing To ‘Jarabe Tapatio’

Anytime we hear a mariachi play our Mexican hearts are filled with joy. The same can be said about seeing a Frida Kahlo painting, hearing Selena on the radio, going to the swap meet with mom, eating chilaquiles, or having cafe de olla. There are just so many beautiful cultural things that make us proud to be Mexican. When we see such mesmerizing displays of Mexican culture, we hope the entire world can see how unique Mexicans are. Such was the case when we saw this incredible show of Mexican tradition of Folklorico dancers shattering a world record.

On Aug. 25, almost 900 Folklorico dancers convened in Guadalajara to break a Guinness World Record.

Credit: @AFPphoto / Twitter

In the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, 882 dancers danced to the “Jarabe Tapatio,” in order to break the previous record in 2011. Back then, a measly 457 Folklorico dancers participated, but that number is a thing of the past.

“This new record shows that our traditions are continuing to spread among young people,” Xavier Orendain, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Guadalajara and the organizer of this event, told reporters.

Dancers of all ages took part in this incredible performance and were backed by a mariachi group that coordinated with their choreography. 

Credit: @cctv / Twitter

“It was such a great sensation,” one of the mariachis said about watching the dancers break the world record. “It’s an experience I will never forget. One of the dancers told Telemundo that she showed up early that same morning to register for the Guinness World Record dancing event.

The event took place during a huge mariachi festival that happens in Guadalajara every year so the timing was perfect.

Credit: Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y la Charrería / Facebook

The annual Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y la Charrería in Guadalajara brings together mariachi ensembles from all over Mexico and continues through Sept. 2.

Just for the record (pun intended), Guadalajara isn’t a stranger to breaking world records. They have a slew of title records under their name.

Credit: msjulissatexas / Instagram

At a previous Mariachi and Charrería gathering in Guadalajara, 69 people broke the record for “Most people twirling lassos simultaneously.”

What is interesting is that the Guinness World Records organization really takes this stuff seriously. For example, for the Most people twirling lassos simultaneously” record, 81 people took part in the event but “12 were discounted for not keeping the rope moving for the full 2 minutes.” Wow, we’d hate to be part of those disqualified. They probably can never live that down.

Earlier this year, 1,486 people took part in the largest tequila tasting event ever

Credit: gonzatacosytequila / Instagram

Here’s an event we wish we could have participated in. And, for those curious, the tequila of choice was three kinds: blanco, reposado, and añejo. Dang!

In 2015, 251 people dressed up as jimadores.

Credit: Youtube

For those wondering, jimadores are people who harvest tequila. These men didn’t just dress up as jimadores, but they also worked on tequila plants during the world record event as well. Might as well make it worth it, right?

In 2012, 129 women participated in the “Largest gathering of escaramuzas.”

Credit: balletfolkloricodance / Instagram

Escaramuzas, which translates to female equestrian, gathered in a total of 16 teams. All of the participants were females that ranged in age from 5 years old to 50 years old, Guinness reports. “They all performed a routine that lasted 17 minutes and 25 seconds, which exceeded the time they all had to remain together (10 minutes) for the record attempt.” So impressive! 

Of course, one of the best Guinness World Record’s that was set in Guadalajara has to be the most mariachis playing in sync. 

Credit: Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y la Charrería / Facebook

In 2013, 700 mariachis gathered to perform and break the Guinness World Record. Most of these Guinness World Record events that have taken place in Guadalajara have occurred during their annual mariachi event. Xavier Orendain, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Guadalajara, said part of the reason they like to host these types of events is to show the world that Guadalajara is a safe city and that everyone who wants to come to Guadalajara is welcome.  

“It’s a message of hope that we can break any wall, any barrier,” Orendain said. Okay, that was definitely shade, right? We love it!

Here’s the dance performance below.

What record do you think Guadalajara should break next? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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