Cristela Alonzo Is Getting So Much Love From ‘Cars 3’ Fans Because Of The Impact Of Her Role

“Cars 3” has opened in movie theaters across the country and Latinos cannot get enough of a new character called Cruz Ramirez. Without revealing any spoilers, Ramirez is the car tasked with helping Lightning McQueen train before McQueen races a rookie at the Florida 500. It’s clear that she is a major character in the movie based on sheer excitement of several Latinos on Twitter have expressed.

“Cars 3” is here and Latinos everywhere are absolutely loving Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez.

Ramirez is more than just a side character. The Latina lead character is the coach and motivator to get Lightning McQueen up to snuff in order to take on a new car on the scene.

Families are gushing over how much they love seeing themselves represented in the movie.


This young Latina got excited about a car-centric movie that was “for boys.”

Some kids are even asking their parents for Ramirez toys so they can play with cars, too.

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But it is more than just the character that is getting some serious virtual love right now.

Fans are absolutely gushing over Cristela Alonzo and showering her with praise for bringing Ramirez to life.

The powerful representation brought many of the audiences to tears.

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Ramirez is quickly becoming the feminist heroine of the summer.

Alonzo’s performance is being lauded as a portrayal of what life is like as a woman in a male-dominated field.

Some adults are taking their love of Ramirez a little too far and the little ones are feeling the pain.

Tbh, this would be me if I had a little one right now.

It seems like something so simple but a leading Latina in a cartoon movie about cars is really giving Latinos something to look up to.

You know, because representation in media matters and this kind of representation has been long anticipated.

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