Our First Look At ‘Being The Ricardos’ Is Here And It’s Triggering Major Nostalgia

It seems like an eternity since we first heard about the possibility of an I Love Lucy story hitting the big screen. Well, now that wait is over as we not only have an official release date but also an official teaser from Amazon Prime and additional details on the film’s interesting plot line.

And let’s just say, the entire thing looks and sounds like perfection! As someone who often puts on old episodes of I Love Lucy to help me fall asleep, I’m so excited to see just what we can expect from the great cast, including Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem.

Amazon’s official teaser for Being the Ricardos has landed and it is packed full of surprises.

Amazon has given us all a look into the upcoming film Being the Ricardos, with an official teaser. In these first looks at the film, we witness the true story of the relationship between Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman) and her husband, Cuban actor Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem).

Being the Ricardos tells the story of a dramatic, crises-filled week on the set of I Love Lucy in September 1952, according to Entertainment Weekly. We learn more about the behind the scenes drama that nearly ended both actors careers and their marriage.

“Everyone thinks we’re remaking the ‘I Love Lucy’ show, and it’s so not that,” Kidman told the Deseret News. “It’s about Lucy and Desi, and their relationship and their marriage. It’s very deep, actually.”

We also learn just how close the hit TV show came to being cancelled. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Aaron Sorkin says that, “It’s pretty clear in the movie that ‘I Love Lucy’ could have been canceled any minute, and Lucy and Desi’s careers would have been over. If you can show the audience what a character wants instead of telling them who the character is, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. The way to do that is to just keep putting obstacles in front of them; the tactics they use to overcome those obstacles — that’s what shows you the character.”

The film also highlights the racial barriers the couple faced in the industry, thanks to Desi Arnaz’s Cuban background. The film depicts the strong discrimination and racism of the time.

Director Aaron Sorkin also worked closely with the couple’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz.

Aaron Sorkin, the film’s director, really wanted to do right by the Hollywood power couple and worked closely with their real-life daughter to make sure he did them justice.

“She encouraged me to really take the gloves off,” Sorkin told Entertainment Weekly. “Lucy wasn’t an easy person. Their marriage, Lucy and Desi’s, wasn’t the same as Lucy and Ricky. It was considerably more complicated. These were two people passionately in love with each other who just couldn’t make it work for interesting reasons.”

Lucie Arnaz has been very upfront with her support for the project and had nothing but strong praise for the film, and Nicole Kidman in particular.

“Nicole Kidman became my mother’s soul,” she said, according to ABC News. “She crawled into her head … she cared very deeply about this part. It shows. And I believed everything she said.”

She went on to say in an Instagram video that “Everybody in this film is perfectly cast.” Which may be a hint at the drama over Kidman’s casting as Lucille Ball. Many thought there were far better choices to play the iconic actress, with Debra Messing frequently being named as a preference among fans.

Take a look at the exciting ‘official teaser’ below:

In the trailer, we actually don’t see much of Kidman – instead we hear her as she narrates the story.

“You know I did this show so Desi and I could be together,” she says at one point. “I had no idea it was going to be a hit.”

It seems the teaser – which came out shortly after the 70th anniversary of the hit show – focuses more on the backstage moments than the actual show. We can’t wait for more teasers into this highly anticipated film. Being the Ricardos will open in theaters on December 10 and will be available via streaming on Amazon Prime on December 21.

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