‘Playboy’ Mexico Is Making History With The First Ever Trans Woman On Its Cover

Playboy has long been an advocate for underrepresented communities. The world-famous publication has featured Black women, disabled women, and trans women long before society had deemed it ‘appropriate.’

Some of the magazines covers have caused such controversy for being so ‘ahead of their time’ that they were often pulled and banned from stores’ shelves.

In Mexico, that history is no different. The Mexican version of Playboy has made history once again by featuring for the first time ever a trans woman on its cover.

Playboy Mexico has featured a trans woman on its cover for the first time ever.

Hoping to support the battles for openness and diversity that are fought by so many across Mexico, Playboy Mexico has just launched a special issue that, in addition to breaking with gender stereotypes, will be a milestone within the LGBTQ community.

For the first time in the magazine’s history, a trans woman appears on the cover. Her name is Victoria Volkova, lifestyle and beauty influencer and YouTube star.

In launching the history-making edition, the magazine said, “Playboy Mexico, in line with its parent company in the United States, has always been in favor of all social struggles. We invite you to explore this edition that will undoubtedly become one of the favorites in your collection.”

“This cover celebrates the different ways of being a woman, the different ways of being beautiful, and the different ways of exploring your sensuality…,” said Volkova from her Instagram account where she also recounted her difficult process to reach acceptance of her body and who she is.

Volkova also expressed that she hoped the magazine could help make people educated on the conditions that trans people face in a country like Mexico and across the world.

“I hope that with this cover people are more curious to meet each other, to know what it is like to be a trans person, how we live and what we have to go through to live a dignified life, to be respected, to earn a living, to be listened to, to survive in this society that does not pay attention to us or our struggles,” she said.

Victoria Volkova is an outspoken and respected advocate for the country’s LGBTQ community.

Credit: VICOVOLKOV / Instagram

Victoria Volkova is a 27-year-old influencer from the Mexican state of Querétaro. She’s become most famous as someone who uses her platform to give advice on lifestyles and beauty. Her YouTube channel and Instagram each have more than a million followers.

She has been a constant fighter for the rights of Mexico’s LGBTQ community, especially when it comes to the inclusion and rights of transgender and transsexual people, mainly using her platform to speak out on behalf of the community.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, she has also positioned herself against sexist violence and has managed to be part of the trans struggle. Likewise, Victoria Volkova has a sister who is also an influencer and creates content for the video channel ‘Lenguas de Gato.’

Playboy has long been inclusive in their magazines around the world – but so much more work remains.

This is not the first time that a trans woman has starred on a Playboy cover worldwide. That honor goes to Caroline Cossey who became the first transgender woman to appear in the magazine in 1991, and in 2017 Ines Rau was the second. In 2018, the German edition featured trans model and activist Giuliana Farfalla.

Rau told Playboy being named a Playmate is a good way to speak her own truth. “When I was doing this shoot, I was thinking of all those hard days in my childhood,” she said in the magazine. “And now everything happening gives me so much joy and happiness. I thought, Am I really going to be a Playmate—me? It’s the most beautiful compliment I’ve ever received. It’s like getting a giant bouquet of roses.”

Playboy has a long history of shining a light on social struggles and telling the stories of trans women and women of color all around the world.

Cooper Hefner, son of the late Hugh Hefner and current chief creative officer of Playboy, tweeted Wednesday that the magazine, and society at large should “be fighting for a more open world, not one that promotes hatred and a lack of acceptance.”

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