Barbie Brings The Representation With Latest Announcement Of Two New Iconic Latina Barbies

As we get ready to celebrate everything Latinx over the next 31 days ( and as we do year-round here at mitú), we have yet another win to celebrate. Mattel is introducing two iconic Latinas to its Barbie lineup. And now that they’re out, it’s crazy to think we went this long without these Barbies!

Mattel announces the Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz and activist Julia Alvarez are getting their own Barbies.

Although Barbie may have started out as the ‘epitome of beauty’ back in the day – thin, blonde, and busty – she’s since evolved into celebrating the social and cultural changes of our times and has greatly embraced diversity.

Now, in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, Mattel (Barbie’s parent company) has introduced two iconic Latina role models: the Cuban Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz and Dominican-American author and activist Julia Alvarez.

The company made the announcement on Instagram, introducing the long-awaited dolls to the world. Barbie expressed that it was time the pair had their own dolls, thanks to their legendary careers and courage in self-expression. Not to mention that both iconic Latinas continue to inspire generations of young Latinos to share their own stories with pride.

Of Celia Cruz, Barbie said, “As a stage performer, on-screen actor, and recording artist who succeeded in a male-dominated music scene, Celia Cruz is also known as the “Latin Triple Threat.” Her long and storied career serves as endless inspiration for aspiring musicians, and through the Celia Cruz Foundation, her legacy continues to provide scholarships for young Latino students.”

In a post about Julia Alvarez, the company wrote, “Barbie is proud to gift Julia Alvarez a one-of-a-kind doll in her likeness, and to honor her legacy in helping to pave the way for more girls to share their stories.”

Barbie has been busy adding iconic new Barbies to its lineup.

Back in July, Mattel announced that the award-winning tennis player was getting her own Barbie and fans swopped them up. The Naomi Osaka Barbie features the athlete wearing a replica of the outfit she wore during the 2020 Australian Open. The doll also comes with a tennis racket, Nike sneakers, and a white visor.

“It‘s such an honor to be a part of the Barbie Role Model series, and to remind young girls that they can make a difference in the world,” Osaka said in a press release. “I want young girls everywhere to feel empowered to dream big and to know that if they believe in themselves that anything is possible!”

And just last month, the company honored the many Latinx athletes who dominated this year’s Paralympic Games.

Credit: Mattel / Barbie

Barbie’s slogan “Be what you want to be” is helping share the stories of several Latinx athletes at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The athletes Francisca Mardones from Chile, Paola Espinosa and Paola Longoria both from Mexico, served as models and inspiration for the recent launch of Barbies that are a symbol of inspiration and perseverance for thousands of women and girls in Latin America and the world.

And with Día de Muertos celebrations coming up fast, it’s worth pointing out that iconic Barbie as well.

For two years in a row, Barbie has honored the traditions of Día de Muertos with a specially designed doll and 2021 is no different from the recent announcement that there will be another carefully crafted Barbie to celebrate the holiday.

In 2020, Barbie worked with Mexican-American designer Javier Meabe to reflect the joy and deep-rooted traditions of Mexico. They created a brunette Catrina wearing a colorful dress in shades of pink, with lace, pearls, and embroidered flowers, as well as a crown made up of skeleton hands. 

“As a Mexican-American designer, it was important for me to use my creative voice to design a doll that celebrates the bright colors and vivid textures of my culture, as well as the traditions I grew up with that are represented and celebrated in Barbie,” Meabe said in a statement from Mattel

While the company emphasized the commitment with which Barbie was born, to “inspire girls to be who they want to be” and that “this year commemorates the lives of many women who have left their mark over time.”

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