Mexican TikTokers Show Us All How To Step Up Our Instant Ramen Game With These Insane, Over The Top Recipes

Love it or hate it, instant ramen is a go-to for so many people thanks to it’s cheap price and simplicity to prepare. Even someone who burns water can easily make a cup of noodles. So it’s little surprise that the popular Japanese export has made it big on the global stage.

The tasty (albeit less than healthy) noodles are popular all over the world and Mexico, in particular, has placed its own unique spin on the classic. Just like we’ve seen with elotes and sushi, Mexico knows how to kick things up a notch.

There are countless videos on YouTube of Mexicans showing us all the ways you can level up your instant ramen game.

Instant ramen in Mexico is usually accompanied by the same seasonings that no many other foods in Mexico come with: límon and hot sauce, usually Valentina. But many ramen fans do not skimp on the extra ingredients and add all sorts of things that would probably make the instant food’s creator cringe.

One has to look no further than Google to see all the possible combinations. A quick search with the phrase “sopa maruchan con…” delivers everything from esquites and cheetos to birria and suadero.

TikTok has also gotten in on the Maruchan action and there are a wide array of simple recipes just waiting for you to give them a try.

Maruchan con carne asada is here, it’s real, and it looks incredible.

Not gonna lie, this take on the classic actually looks and sounds really good and easily doable. It looks a lot like a yakisoba or regular Japanese noodle dish but with a Mexican take.

This Maruchan dish has a lot going on.

I feel like this is a severe case of colitis just waiting to happen. That being said, it looks tasty af.

You knew it was coming…Maruchan con Takis.


This makes my mouth water 🤤🤤 #fyp #fy #mouthwatering #BillboardNXT #parati #maruchan #yumm

♬ sonido original – ansiedad

Wht kind of recipe roundup would this be if there wasn’t a Takis option? It was only a matter of time until some genius thought to throw together a flavorful, sodium-packed package of Maruchan with a flavorful, sodium-packed bag of Takis.

Then there’s this masterpiece of Maruchan con esquites.

They call it a ‘Maruchalote’ and it’s probably the only one I’d try. Butter + noddles + questo + corn = magic!

For me, this one’s a step too far.

The ingredients in this combo just don’t stop. I don’t understand how it all fits. She just keeps piling and piling and piling on ingredient after ingredient. But if you’re a fan of suadero then maybe it’s worth a try?

However, it’s worth pointing out that Mexican officials recently banned the sale of many brands of instant ramen.

It was announced just last week that the Mexican consumer protection agency (PROFECO) was moving to ban several brands of instant ramen because of their poor effects on health. In fact, the agency recently seized 129,937 units of soups of 12 brands from store shelves, including Walmart and Oxxo.

According to the agency, the instant noodles contain high levels of sodium, sugar and artificial ingredients, as well as monosodium glutamate, which influence the increase in body weight and other cardiovascular diseases.

They agency also pointed to how the packing material so many of these brands come in release harmful dioxins into the food when heated. They are also not bio-degradable, remaining in our landfills for hundreds of years.

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