25 Ways Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie Torres Is Relevant AF

Calliope “Callie” Torres entered our lives back in 2006 on Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy now 14 year run. Played by Sara Ramirez, Callie was one of the few actually relatable Latinas on TV at the time and shines light on the obstacles that queer Latinos face on the day to day.

She shows us how to deal with overprotective Latinx parents, be the authority, and just have a great time. TBH, we still need her, desperately, today. Here’s why.

1. Callie won’t take shit from anyone.

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She’s Latina, and only she could perfect the Bailey stare down. I mean, look at that face and tell me she isn’t the boss.

2. She crushes bones for a mad living.

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Her operating rooms are always filled with bangers because she’s casually sawing through bones and piecing them back together. Plus, she brings home that bacon.

3. Remember when Callie Torres impulsively became Callie O’Malley?


Nobody could ship the George-Callie marriage. Sorry, George, but you’re not worthy. That’s a Torres right there.

4. Like a badass, she secretly lived in the hospital basement…


And she didn’t let that stop her from dancing in her underwear. That is, until the Chief walked in on her and forced her to move out.

5. TBH, she’s always dancing in her underwear.

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Because dancing is life-giving, especially when nobody is looking. This was the moment she decided she was over her ex and could still have fun on her own.

6. When Callie discovered she had feelings for Erica…


My closeted lesbian self was screaming. Of course, after their very flirtatious friendship reached a peak, Callie was the one to make the first move.

7. When her father’s surprise visit  came with all the homophobia, Callie had the perfect response.

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I mean, she’s right. It’s been tried, but you can’t touch the gay. ???? Scream it from the rooftops, girl!

8. En serio, things got out of hand here.


He flew back from Miami to Seattle with a Catholic priest in tow. People think I’m playing when I say I’m a recovering Catholic, but that ish is heavy.

9. Then, he had the audacity to spew Bible verses and say this.


Having Latino parents means having dramatic, over the top, stubborn walls to talk to. This would be my cue to flip a table, excuse me.

10. She then started quoting jesus.


I’m sobbing. I wish I had the attention span to memorize these quotes to spew right back at my own dad. Callie, you are still my shero.

11. Nail in the coffin, daddy-o.


Don’t worry, friends, there’s a YouTube clip you can send directly to your own parents. Or watch every Sunday for your weekly inspo.

12. Ultimately, it of course came down to the nietos.


Classic twist. Papa Torres came around in a single episode with the most equitable Latino question: will there be grandkids? ????

13. She can brush almost anything off her shoulders.

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Like that time Christina basically had a mental break down and tried to give Callie a haircut that ended with Callie wearing this hat. She has the angelic smile of forgiveness. Angel.

14. Callie is never anything but frank.

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This happened in that alternate-reality episode where Christina Yang was the broody outcast. Even her alter-ego is ruthless.

15. ~Let us not forget when she was married to Owen~


Of course, this is an alternate reality where she has a dozen children and is still ignoring her attraction to other women. Namely, Arizona. ????

16. Callie’s face when she realizes she isn’t getting any tonight is all of us.

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I mean, she’s wearing a party hat… and lingerie… and has party horns! Context: Arizona had her leg amputated and still wasn’t feeling quite ready for sex. Understandable. Very Grey’s Anatomy.

17. When a near-death experience leads Callie to get back together with Arizona.


Remember Garry Clark? He shot up the hospital and Callie and Arizona came face to face with him. Callie took charge with the whole interaction while Arizona guarded the kids. Eventually, they both made it out alive and back in each other’s arms.

18. Context: their squabble was over the fact that Callie got pregnant with Mark Sloan’s baby during a breakup.

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Soo… that happened. In the end, they all decided to co-parent Sofia together, which I’m 100 percent certain wouldn’t be the first time our diverse sexualities led to another diverse family model. I’m here for it.

19. The day Callie could hold her baby was momentous.

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For all the reasons you can imagine, and also because she got into a terrible car accident the moment after Arizona proposed to her. The baby was delivered early and they both had to recover in ICU separately.

20. Callie’s voice *carried* the musical episode.


She was witnessing her mangled body try to stay alive and looked (and sounded) like an angel while doing so. It’s indisputable: her vocals carried that episode.

21. Then Callie had to call out her mom’s homophobia just before her wedding day.


Callie got a veil to match the exact same one her mother got married in and her mom couldn’t keep her hate speech to herself. As much sense as Callie makes up here, sometimes religion can really cloud a person’s heart, de acuerdo?

22. Callie and Arizona finally got married and it was beautiful.


Have you ever seen a wedding so filled with love? Eventually, Callie’s dad made it back in time to have the father-daughter dance and we all wept.

23. The time Callie grieved over her ex-husband’s sudden death…and the donuts.

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Arizona consoled Callie the only way any of us would want to be consoled. Dame pasteles, dame croquetas, dame pan dulce, alguien!!

24. Eventually, the two separated but Callie totally was the bigger person.

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I mean, I’m biased, and I love Arizona, but I hate that Sara Ramirez has left the show. Sure, she ended up falling for the woman who let Derek Shepard die and not even Shonda Rimes could ship that romance in Seattle, but still.

Here’s to hoping things don’t work out with Penny and we can still have #Carizona back in our lives.

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