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Trump Plans To Offer DACA Recipients Citizenship If U.S. Tax Dollars Can Be Used To Pay For The Border Wall

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President Trump is pushing a new agenda in order to get his border wall funded. According to a report by Reuters, Trump has previewed a new immigration bill that is asking Congress for $25 billion to build the border wall. In return for the money, which is not coming from Mexico despite his assurances that it would, Trump is open to giving DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship that would take 10 to 12 years. Trump seems confident that this compromise from the White House will be able to satisfy both Democrats and Republicans.

“Tell them not to be concerned, ok? Tell them not to worry,” Trump told reporters, according to Reuters. “We’re going to solve the problem. It’s up to the Democrats, but [Dreamers] should not be concerned.”

The announcement from Trump comes after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that the offer to fund the border is off the table. Sen. Schumer originally offered Trump full funding for the border wall during the government shutdown if he would make a decision on DACA, but Trump allegedly refused. Now Trump is offering up a similar deal to Schumer’s.

The announcement by Trump has some senators hopeful for progress.

“This statement represents presidential leadership on immigration that will allow us to solve a difficult problem,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, a proponent of DACA relief, said in a statement. “I truly appreciate President Trump making it clear that he supports a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. This will greatly help the Senate efforts to craft a proposal which President Trump can sign into law.”

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Gina Rodriguez Says Lack of Latinos In Hollywood Is "Devastating"

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Gina Rodriguez Says Lack of Latinos In Hollywood Is “Devastating”


Gina Rodriguez is keeping it ?. The actress just penned a piece for Variety that discusses the lack of Latino representation in media. She said the low visibility of Latinos in film and TV is so bad that it’s “heartbreaking and dehumanizing.”

In her article titled “‘The Fact That Latinos Are Not Seen on Screen Is Devastating,” Gina writes…

“It’s important we celebrate, employ and represent all Latinos from European to Afro-Latinos, because it is our responsibility as an industry to give this entire generation positive representation so that no one feels invisible.”

She went on to discuss how much Latinos contribute to the economy and are “prominent and loyal in the consumer market.”

“We still have a long journey ahead,” Gina writes. “This is not just my journey, this is the journey for every young Latino boy or girl who longs to see a version of his or herself on screen. I do see a change slowly happening and I work every day to be a part of that change.”

Gina’s been talking about Hollywood’s exclusivity for a while, including at the SAG Awards red-carpet.

The “Jane the Virgin” star gave specific stats to millions of viewers about how Latinos consume media. And they’d consume more if they were represented in the arts. Figures for “Coco” at the Box Office is proof of that.

Gina’s celebrity pals LOVED her piece in Variety and gave her a shoutout on social media.

Gina is also making huge changes herself. While her Variety piece noted Latinos who have made big strides in Hollywood before her, including Silvio Horta, George Lopez, and Gloria Calderon Kellett, she belongs on that list as well.

She is a vital part to the movement of inclusiveness by producing two new shows for major networks.

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Jane 1930's #season4 premieres Oct 13th!

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She is producing a drama for CW and another show for CBS. Naturally she’ll make sure the shows have lots of diverse actors and crew.

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