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These Latina Celebs And Foodies Want You To Know Why They’re Never Dieting Again

My mom is Latina and I cannot remember a day in my life that she wasn’t on a diet. Some of them were mainstream, like Atkins and Weight Watchers, and others were just drinking a single, basic soup recipe for months, not eating bread, not eating fruit, and so on. Many of us know what it’s like to grow up watching our mothers try to make themselves smaller. Many of us, including Latina superstars Camila Mendes, Jessica Alba, and Demi Lovato, went on to develop eating disorders and some serious body dysmorphia. Here’s how they are trying to change that.

So I have questions. Did our moms grow up with coming home from school to hear, “tan flaca, come mija” and then wake up to, “dale, gordita”?

@modernmami / Twitter

Or did they just adapt within two cultures: one that celebrates un plato lleno, and another that celebrates flaca-ness? We’ve inherited the same beautiful assortment of Latina bods but we don’t have to inherit the diet culture. It’ll take some courage and vigilance to uproot our self worth from our bodies and replant into a place of inherent birthright (especially when everyone and their mother’s need to comment on your appearance), but si se puede.

1. Demi Lovato reminds us that #DietCulture dies here with us, because we have a different model of health.

@ddlovato / Instagram

Health is not about thigh gaps, small waists, or the perfect curves. Health looks like loving the one body you have, and the generations of women and men before you who thrived and passed this gift onto us. Lovato has been one of the most honest and open celebrities about their recovery, and she reminds me that recovery isn’t perfect. Sometimes we look in the mirror and self-criticize on default. It’s OK that it takes work to undo the harmful messages we’ve internalized over the years. We get to choose what kinds of role models we have. #TeamLovato #ByeKardashionPops

2. Camila Mendes: “I’m done believing in the idea that there’s a thinner, happier version of me on the other side of all the tireless effort. “

@camimendes / Twitter

Camila Mendes admits that playing the mini-skirt clad Veronica Lodge on Riverdale has challenged her eating disorder recovery and made her stronger.

She’s also a huge advocate of sharing only an honest public image and even went to war with Cosmopolitan Philippines for photoshopping her waist line to be smaller than it is.

@lilireinhart / Instagram

Her costar, Lili Reinhart, wrote an impassioned Instagram post about the issue near and dear to both their hearts, “Camila and I have worked incredibly hard to feel confident and comfortable in the bodies that we have. It’s an everyday battle, sometimes. And to see our bodies become so distorted in an editing process is a perfect example of the obstacles we have yet to overcome.”

Mendes also opened up about her experience with eating disorder recovery in the most healing detail we could hope for that sparked a #donewithdieting movement.

@camimendes / Instagram

It’s all about loving yourself as you are and finding a healthy way to maintain a healthy life.

3. Jessica Alba: “with treatment I have now conquered the fear that drove me to become dangerously thin.”

@jessicaalba / Instagram

While training for a role in 1999, Alba became obsessed with exercise and weight loss. The Mexicana star told Glamour magazine, “I got obsessed with it. When I went from a girl’s body to a woman’s body with natural fat in places, I freaked out.” Now she’s successfully founded The Honest Company, which focuses on natural beauty and products that improve physical health, not a perceived appearance of it.

4. Naya Rivera, “One day I just decided to see how long I could go without eating.”

@nayarivera / Instagram

It wasn’t until Rivera started writing her autobiography, Sorry Not Sorry, did she realize how severe her eating disorder as a teenager truly was. “I was so young and it just seemed to be the norm. Everyone was going through similar stuff,” she tells PEOPLE. “I had no way of knowing if I was going through it worse. I was juggling my feelings and it makes me sad that there are girls still going through that 15 years after I went through it.”

She also says, “By the time I was a sophomore, I had started feeling that what had begun as a game had maybe gone too far. I just avoided food at all costs.”

5. Rocsi Diaz reminds us that the mental illness is driven by who we see in magazines.

@rocsidiaz / Instagram

Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, Rosci Diaz suffered from anorexia in high school while on the cheerleading team. She told ET “I was obsessed with looking at the magazines and seeing how I can get skinnier. I would look at girls like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton and I saw how skinny they were and I thought that was the norm.”

Don’t fear, food bloggers are here!

@ricanvegan  / Instagram

Boricua, Desiree Rodriguez, a.k.a. Rican Vegan, is the guapa to follow. She even has a 7-day meal plan for anyone just starting out on a plant-based diet, and you won’t be eating a bunch of salads. Find Puerto Rican flag color cherry and coconut ice cream bars, non-dairy coquito and all the ‘pork’-based recipes for the boricua in you.

Looking for packable lunch recipes?

@momables / Instagram

Latina mom, Laure Fuentes, is all about creating healthy lunches for her kids (and her self). The key? Find someone who isn’t worked up about the calories in the food, or any kind of diet restriction at all, really. Only restriction here is lunch better be pretty. 🙂

Find yourself a food blogger who inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

@healthylatina / Instagram

Because our worth is so much more than our bodies. Plus, thigh gaps are a total colonization of the non-white body, and we need to surround ourselves with people who see how body obsession as an installment of the patriarchy to distract us from wage gaps.

Plus, we celebrate Equal Pay Day on April 10, but that’s just the symbolic day for how far into the year white women must work to earn what men earned in the last year. For Latina’s, that day is November 2nd. I could go on, but let’s reign it in.

So here’s all of our medicine: do the self work to pass on healthy body images to all the niños in your life.

1. Fill up your feed with bopo warriors like @thisisjessicatorres and @projectheal.

@thisisjessicatorres / Instagram

Torres,  by the way, is a freakin’ fashion icon and deserving of all your likes. I want every single outfit she wears.

2. Read from authors who self-define as “fat fly.”

@freehoeleras / Instagram

i.e. Read Yesika Salgado’s book of poetry that celebrates our bodies, our culture, and our strength through all the heartbreaks. Her work will heal you and her Twitter handle, @YesikaStarr, will light a fire in you on the daily.

3. Throw away your scale.

If the number on the scale determines your self worth, liberate yourself and throw it away and trust yourself to know intuitively what health looks like for you. That could mean eating foods that make you feel more energized, have fewer cravings, help you sleep better and feel healthy.

4. Get the therapy you need.

@lolly_years / Twitter

We’ve been told all of our lives how to look and it might require professional help. Seriously. All the palo santo, sage and seances in your house won’t do it.

5. Eat and be happy. 🙂

@lacocinadeleslie / Instagram

Nourish that body that has taken you so far in life with a healthy plato of carne asada, nopales and plenty of warm tortillas.

6. Thank yourself for loving yourself, and rewatch Real Women Have Curves.

We want to hear from you! What other recovery tools have you used on your journey? Comment below with tips, books, IGs, and whatever words of wisdom you have to offer.

Celebrities Like Camila Cabello Are Calling For People To Pay Attention To What’s Happening In The Amazon

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Celebrities Like Camila Cabello Are Calling For People To Pay Attention To What’s Happening In The Amazon

If you haven’t already heard about it, Brazil’s Amazon rain forest is currently being ravaged by devastating large-scale wild-fires. According to recent reports and the country’s National Institute for Space Research, there has been a 77% increase in the number of fires burning in the area this year. No doubt, this large scale destruction is because of climate change. Done with being quiet, celebrities have been attempting to raise awareness of the destruction of the rainforest and its beautiful ecosystems through the hashtag #PrayForAmazonia.

The hashtag was created by environmentalist Nick Rose Dertsas, and hopefully, it will catch on quickly.

The environmentalist expressed his outrage over the lack of media coverage over the tragedy in a post to Instagram.

iamnickrose / Instagram

“Terrifying to think that the Amazon is the largest rain forest on the planet, creating 20% of the earth’s oxygen, basically the lungs of the world, has been on fire and burning for the last 16 days running, with literally NO media coverage whatsoever! Why? @unitednations who is running your page? Influences??? Where are you when it actually matters?????
@cnn @bbc @guardian @forbes#deforestation #climatechangePLEASE REPOST,” he wrote.

Camila Cabello caught wind of the post after it was retweeted by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

camila_cabello / Instagram

“This is heartbreaking and terrifying 💔💔💔 ‪This makes me want to cry with frustration. what are we DOING? We’re literally destroying our miracle of a home 😭😭😭 I’m so sorry, earth 💔💔💔‬#AmazonRainforest#Repost@leonardodicaprio with @get_repost
#Regram#RG@IamNickRose: Terrifying to think that the Amazon is the largest rain forest on the planet, creating 20% of the earth’s oxygen, basically the lungs of the world, has been on fire and burning for the last 16 days running, with literally NO media coverage whatsoever! Why?” Cabello wrote in her repost.

Cabello’s former girl group mate also shared the post.

laurenjauregui / Instagram

“Although I’ll admit prayer helps me breathe most days,
It can’t quite do the same job the Amazon in Brazil does for the human populace (not to mention all the life forms on this planet that also need oxygen to survive.) The Amazon has been burning for the past almost 3 weeks with little to no media coverage. The Amazon is responsible for 20% of our oxygen. Gaia is screaming. We are truly so disrespectful to our children, and our grandchildren, and their children. Awareness is one thing but I truly wanna know when we’re all going to wake up and feel the poison in our lungs. 
I honor mama Gaia today and pray for our collective healing and growth towards understanding that this is our only home. We borrow it from our children, and the mess we have made on it is so carelessly destructive. All in the name of the almighty dollar. It alarms me that so many in possession of power on this planet truly do not care about or even believe in the crisis we face. It pains me that they continue to deny, suppress truth and spew out false information. To roll back policies that protect our environment and native people’s rights all while profiting off the lands and people they continue to destroy. What is happening in the Amazon, what is happening in Hawaii, is all connected. We should all be paying very close attention to the way our chosen leaders treat the planet we live on and only have one of. We should be very very aware during election season so closely upon us, but we should also be figuring out ways to be conscious of our environment and our interaction with it every day. My heart hurts for all the animals whose homes have been destroyed, for all of the indigenous peoples who have been affected by the loss of this land, for all of the unique plant life and beauty that we have just lost as a collective family on this planet. Offering up all the healing energy I can muster. ❤️🙏🏼✨” Jauregui wrote in a post about the fires.

Songstress Ellie Golding also posted about the fires.

“There was worldwide outcry when Notre Dame was on fire,” she wrote highlighting the way so many were quick to pour funding, tears and support for the building of the Catholic structure in Europe. Her post highlights how little care there is not only for the environment but also for institutions in Latin America.

Today he president of Brazil announced that the government would not have enough funding to fight the fires.

Here’s hoping our world leaders and institutions will reach out to Brazil and offer the same help that they did just a few months ago when Notre Dame was under fire.

It’s Romance Awareness Month And These Latino RomComs Are Perfect For Your Next Netflix And Chill


It’s Romance Awareness Month And These Latino RomComs Are Perfect For Your Next Netflix And Chill

FlixLatino / YouTube

Did you know that August is Romance Awareness Month? We’re guessing that, even if you didn’t, you probably felt it in your gut – and that’s what led you here. To get into the spirit of things, we’ve put together a list of ten latino rom-coms for you to watch through the dying days of summer. Just don’t blame us if you end up on a movie binge, babes.

1. Maid in Manhattan

Instagram / @malumatfurusco

Jennifer Lopez captures our hearts in this 2002 fairytale-like movie that would put the original Cinderella story to shame. Lopez stars as a hard-working single mom stuck balancing parenting duties with her long hours at a ritzy hotel in, you guessed it, Manhattan. Ralph Fiennes – the guy who is actually Voldemort in the Harry Potter films – plays JLo’s rich, handsome, and effortlessly charming love interest. 

2. Doña Herlinda y Su Hijo (Dona Herlinda and Her Son)

Instagram / @beyazgarga

Would it be possible to have a list of Latino rom-coms without a movie about a mother overly invested in her child’s love life? Welcome to the kitsch 1985 film, Doña Herlinda y Su Hijo. Dona is determined to see her son give her the grandchild she so desperately wants. The catch? He’s gay. And, not only that – he’s head over heels for a student in Guadalajara. So what happens when Dona arranges a marriage, to a woman, for her son? Guess you’ll just have to watch to find out.

3. Hitch

Instagram / @jocksnbeats

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this one before, then don’t be surprised to find out that Will Smith hasn’t even aged since this 2005 banger of a romance. Smith plays Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, who’s basically a dating coach crossed with every sleazy pick up artist you’ve feared swiping right on. His smooth game is disrupted when he meets Eva Mendes’ Sara, a career-driven, sassy Latina. Hijinks ensue as both of them eventually discover the value of a real, connected relationship.

4. Tan de repente (Suddenly)

Instagram / @marcelo.denicola

This 2002 black and white film begins with what seems like the start of just another workday for salesgirl Marcia. Of course, it’s anything but. She somehow ends up propositioned by two aggressive, dagger-wielding lesbians – Mao and Lenin. Even though Marcia isn’t interested, she’s abducted by the two, and is spirited away to the Lenin’s estranged aunt’s house. It’s there that Marcia learns that the two women aren’t as tough as they originally seemed.

5. From Prada to Nada

Instagram / @coronetfilms

Loosely based on Jane Austen’s classic novel, Sense and Sensibility, From Prada to Nada revolves around the trials and tribulations of two spoiled sisters left penniless from their father’s sudden death, who are forced to live with their estranged aunt in East Los Angeles. The two girls figure out pretty quickly that they’re going to have to work hard to get their standing back – whether it be by chasing careers, or chasing boys. 

6. Chasing Papi

Instagram / @fifiandromeo

This 2003 rom-com, starring Roselyn Sánchez, Sofía Vergara, and Jaci Velasquez, centers around three women who discover that they’ve all been dating the same man. Surprise surprise, they’ve all affectionately nicknamed him “Papi”. The movie twists and turns into not only chasing Papi, but also avoiding the cops and some shady criminals.

7. Elura, Te Daría Mi Vida Pero Lo Estoy Usando (Elvira, I would give you my life but I am using it)

Instagram / @holamexicoff

Released in 2014, this film follows 40 year old mother of two, Elvira, in her quest to find her husband, Gustavo. Even though all signs point to the likelihood of Gustavo having an illicit affair, Elvira doesn’t rest until her husband is found.

8. ¿Qué Culpa Tiene el Niño? (Don’t Blame The Kid)

Instagram / @morancasting

Our fave Karla Souza from How to Get Away With Murder stars as Maru in this Mexican film about a one-night stand that goes awry. After discovering she’s pregnant after a drunken night of fun, Maru decides the only way to move forward is by moving in with the father of her soon-to-be child. Naturally, things ramp up after she decides to move in with a complete stranger – but isn’t that the beauty of a classic rom-com?

9. Fresa y chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate)

Pinterest / BFI

Considering this was the first Cuban film to be nominated for an Oscar for the best foreign language film, this 1994 gem begins with hints of a cute gay rom-com, before transforming into something else. The romance in this film is set against the political complexities of the Castro regime.

10. Corazón de Leon (Heart of a Lion)

Youtube / FlixLatino

This 2017 rom-com starts with the protagonist, León, discovering a lost cell phone. Naturally, he decides to call the owner, Ivana. Feeling their mutual attraction, León asks her out on a whim. But, he’s left out an important detail: he’s 4.4 feet tall. From there, Corazón de Leon explores how their mutual attraction could overcome shallow societal expectations.

So which movie are you going to watch first? Or, have you already seen them all? Tell us about it on our Facebook page – you can find it by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.

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