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Man Caught Pooping In Safeway Highlights San Francisco’s Homeless Problem

A viral video of a man pooping in the aisle of a Safeway in San Francisco might seem funny or absurd if it wasn’t so emblematic of the city’s larger issue: homelessness. Footage shows a homeless man defecating in the supermarket and using a roll of toilet paper to clean himself up. 

San Francisco has had an issue managing the ever-increasing amount of human waste in the city. The issue cannot be separated from its homelessness crisis. According to ABC research, there are approximately 9,784 homeless people living in the city in 2019. 

San Francisco has a poop problem.

You can judge the man relieving himself in the video, or you can acknowledge his behavior as a symptom of San Francisco’s failing infrastructure. For example, this year alone, the city has received 25,000 complaints about human waste. San Francisco has even enlisted the help of a “poop patrol” that goes around cleaning up human feces throughout the city. 

Since garnering public disapproval, city Supervisor Matt Haney has implemented steps to ease the problem, but some might say they haven’t gone far enough. Three public restrooms were added in Castro, Soma, and the Tenderloin this month. 

“It’s horrifying for people to step outside and see poop smeared all over the sidewalk, we know it’s getting worse,” Haney told KRON 4. “We’ve seen a reduction in the number of reports of feces in the areas immediately around the pit stop bathrooms including the ones that are 24 hours. We obviously need more. We need to expand the number of these bathrooms and the hours.”

Government figures demonstrate a 35 percent increase in feces complaints from 2017 to 2018. According to the New York Times, homelessness rose 17 percent in San Francisco in 2018. 

The human feces complaints are such a part of San Francisco culture there’s a Twitter devoted to documenting the incidences. 

The Poop Scoop has an automated system that reposts complaints called in to the city’s 311 number. The current bio says in the last 48 hours alone 160 poop cases have been reported and 102 of those cases have been closed. The Poop Scoop’s website even has a map of the city sidewalks indicating where feces has been reported. 

“This is a national embarrassment, it is also many communities a disgusting, public health crisis, no one should be able to walk about and see poop smeared all over the place, no one should live in these conditions. It is not funny,” Haney said.  

While the city has proposed efforts to help the homeless, the wealthy have opposed many of these measures. For example, San Francisco’s rich did not want the city to build a homeless shelter near their affluent waterfront district. 

“Putting mentally ill people and people with drug abuse problems in residential areas is careless,” said Paneez Kosarian, a resident who opposed the shelter

Candice Elder, the founder of the East Oakland Collective, says people like to complain about the homeless but also reject the problem’s necessary solutions. 

“When people think about the homeless crisis, sometimes humanity goes out the window,” she said. “People say, ‘I don’t like what’s going on. I don’t want them near our school, get rid of them.’”

San Francisco’s homeless problem has even received the ire of President Trump. 

The President’s dislike for California, which is a Sanctuary city that stands against many of his administration’s policies, has been well-documented. While little has come of it, this September, the Trump administration threatened to cut San Francisco federal funding via the Environmental Protection Agency. The administration claimed that San Francisco violated environmental policies due to rampant human feces and used needles on the streets — caused by the homelessness issue. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom called the threat nothing short of political theater. 

“If joining and funding real solutions to homelessness, instead of political theater and points-scoring, are the Trump administration’s objective, California continues to be ready to engage,” Jesse Melgar, a spokesman for California Gov. Gavin Newsom told USA today, “the state has not been contacted by federal officials.”

The Trump administration proposed building camps in California to store the homeless, a move that made many advocates cringe. Herb Smith, CEO of Los Angeles Mission, which helps the city’s homeless met with members of the Trump administration. Smith felt they were uninformed about what caused homelessness and how to solve it. 

“Look, the Feds don’t have the authority to come in and arrest people for being homeless,” Smith said. “But my real concern about whatever might be presented is that it will include moving people around, traumatizing people and generally just exacerbating the level of human misery we already have.”

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Disturbing Video Shows Workers Feeding White Kids First At A Georgia Daycare

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Disturbing Video Shows Workers Feeding White Kids First At A Georgia Daycare

Schools and daycares are supposed to be safe spaces for kids to be able to learn and to express themselves. However, we know that isn’t always the case. For years, children have had to fear gun violence on campus, bullying, and sexual assaults.

A recent video that’s gone viral shows that even younger kids aren’t safe from trauma, as a daycare in Georgia is being accused of blatant racism against its Black kids.

Young kids are experiencing hate and racism even at places meant to be safe for them.

The Kids ‘R’ Kids daycare center in Roswell, on the outskirts of Atlanta, has been accused of racism after a father checked in to the live feed at lunch time to see how his two-year-old son was doing and noticed that the white children were all fed first while the Black children were made to wait.

Adryan McCauley told CBS46: “They were skipping all of the Black kids it seemed like. All the white kids got their lunch, and all the Black kids had to wait. From the videos and pictures that we saw today, we are just completely disturbed.”

McCauley took a screenshot which he posted to Instagram, but the full video has not been released. He added that the boy’s mother asked the nursery what had happened and was reportedly told by the director: “I’m not really sure because I’m not in the classroom, maybe it’s a dietary thing.”

One of the families was sure to share what happened with the public.

According to the Daily Mail, the family of the 2-year-old posted the screenshot to Instagram, where it went viral.

“This is truly unbelievable. You better know this won’t be the last time you hear from me on this,” user @marquis_dagreat wrote, along with the screenshot. “Why does every white kid have their food? Not one black child has food in front of them! Thank God for cameras in classrooms because there is no way to hide this racism!”

“In the year 2021 this is truly unbelievable. As blacks we always strive to send our kids to schools in Suburban area’s [sic], but I’m telling you first hand that is not always best,” they continued. “This is not a black or white issue this is simply wrong!”

The brand behind the daycare has cut ties with the Georgia location.

The corporate office responded on Thursday by calling the screenshot “disturbing” and cutting ties with the location in question. 

“Our company has decided to terminate that franchisee’s Kids ‘R’ Kids contract and branding, effective immediately, leaving them to operate independently,” President and CEO David Vinson said in the statement, posted to Instagram. “We apologize to the family, the community and all of those impacted by this situation and will use this as a learning tool to remind our Kids ‘R’ Kids staff on the importance of diversity and inclusivity.”

Vinson added that the corporate office will help locate alternate preschool options for families displaced by the decision. 

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Parents Are Applauding A Meteorologist After Her Baby Adorably Crashed Her Weather Report


Parents Are Applauding A Meteorologist After Her Baby Adorably Crashed Her Weather Report

Screenshot via YouTube

COVID-19 has completely changed practically everyone’s way of living. But post-pandemic life has become especially challenging for parents, who are now forced to be stuck inside with their children for hours on end.

Between assisting your kids with distance learning and struggling to find your own “me time”, many parents feel as if their world has been turned upside down.

Recently, news watchers in Southern California caught a glimpse into the new era of COVID parenting when meteorologist Lisa Lopez’s toddler interrupted her live broadcast.

Los Angeles-based KABC meteorologist Leslie Lopez was reporting the weather as usual when she was visited by an unexpected guest. As she spoke about an incoming storm, her 9-month-old son, Nolan, entered the frame.

Slightly startled, Lopez giggled for a moment and said, “Looks like there’s a baby down below,” before bending over and picking him up. Then, like the rockstar that she is, she continued her report.

“He walks now, guys, so I’ve lost all control,” she quipped before ending the segment.

The public’s reaction to the adorable interruption was incredibly positive.

No one was annoyed that their weather report was interrupted. On the contrary, so many people felt like the clip made them feel less alone.

“Agree that this is always fun to see—we are all dealing with this and it makes one feel good—it’s real,” said one woman on Twitter. “It’s awesome. Never feel bad because we all inside are feeling joy as we can relate.”

Others commented on how the video perfectly illustrated how modern women have become adept at multitasking. “It was not just a moment of heartwarming love, but a moment of the strength of women!” said another Twitter user. “It just shows how easily women can be full of love and do their job at the same time!”

Later, KABC did a special report on the happy mistake to see what Lopez herself thought of the surprising public reaction.

“We received so many comments from viewers thanking her for showing what the reality is right now for so many people working with kids at home,” said fellow reporter Jovana Lara. “It is not easy.”

As for Lopez, she revealed that viewers are hungry for a different kind of weather report: “I’ve been getting comments, ‘More baby in weather, please.'” Yes, please!

Headlines: Meteorologist Leslie Lopez Is Interrupted on Air By Her Toddler and the Video is Adorable

Parents Are Applauding Meteorologist Leslie Lopez for How She Handled Her Baby’s Adorable Interruption

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