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Julio Cesar Chavez Lashes Out At Mexican Police, Distraught Over His Brother’s Murder


On Sunday, the older brother of legendary Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez was shot and killed at his home in Culiacán, Mexico. According to the Associated Press, Rafael Chávez González was at his home when two men entered through the back door and demanded money from him. Rafael was fatally shot after he resisted the intruders, according to Sinaloa state prosecutor Juan José Ríos.

Credit: NoroesteTV / YouTube

Ríos said that the culprits were given some money but wanted more. Rafael didn’t give in as easily, and that’s when he was shot. Rafael was killed in front of his family. Roberto Chávez González, Julio César’s brother, confirmed the story to authorities on Monday.

While no suspects have been arrested, Ríos said that on the same night of the fatal robbery, 10 armed men had kidnapped an “undetermined number of people” at a restaurant in Culiacán. It’s not clear if these two incidents are related.

Julio César Chávez was extremely emotional while speaking to reporters about his brother’s murder.

Credit: El MEXICANO / YouTube

The 54-year-old said he couldn’t believe his brother was gone. In the video above, Julio César says it’s been incredibly difficult, especially for his mother, who is in a fragile state. Contrary to the reports from the Associated Press, Julio César says there were three men involved in the robbery, not two.

A reporter asked him if family members who witnessed the shooting could identify the killers. He responded by saying that none of them could ID them.

“[The police] could not identify any of them, but we have clues and I’m not going to let them know [by telling the media], but it’s all very advanced, thank God, and this is not going to go unpunished, I swear — because unfortunately there has been a lack of security in Culiacán and not just in Culiacán… this is happening throughout the Mexican Republic and I think we must unite, all Mexicans, to fight against this, to support each other because it seems that there is no government,” Julio César said. “Today it was my brother, maybe tomorrow it will be me.”

Julio César said the violence in Mexico is only getting worse, adding that he’s very angry because he has also been threatened.

“I asked for help and support from the authorities in Tijuana,” Julio César said. “[Pero] se han hecho pendejos,” he added. Julio César said that the FBI has informed him that people wanted to kidnap him and his daughter. He said he contacted authorities in Baja California, but added that high-ranking officials have not responded to his pleas. He believes police are probably waiting for something to happen to him, but said, “What’s the point then? It’ll be too late.”

Julio César said he never considered leaving Culiacán despite the violence and threats against him and his family because that’s where he has always lived. But now, he may reconsider. He also lamented the fact that his brother had to die so tragically after overcoming drug problems:

“My brother was dedicated to helping people who have problems with alcohol and drugs or any type of addiction. Thanks to my recovery he could also recover, and the saddest thing is that he lost his life for some drug addicts.”

Julio César Chávez Jr. retweeted this message from WBC Boxing President Mauricio Sulaiman:

Omar Chávez, Julio César’s younger son, posted this heartbreaking message.

“It’s unbelievable that my uncle was assaulted because he did not want to give them the money, so they killed him. It’s unbelieveable how people can take the life of someone who has children and a mother. They have no idea the pain and damage they have inflicted so easily. I hope and wait for justice.” He also tagged two government officials, including the governor of Culiacán.

“I will miss you,” added Omar Chávez.

Te voy a extrañar pues si así es aunque no quieras aya nos vemos pronto tío D.E.P tío borrego me mataste en el primero ??

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Despite Grenades Being Dropped On The Supreme Court, There Have Been No Confirmed Deaths Or Injuries

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Despite Grenades Being Dropped On The Supreme Court, There Have Been No Confirmed Deaths Or Injuries

Caraota Digital / @ABC / Twitter / @oscarperezgv / Instagram

Residents of Caracas, Venezuela were witness to an unbelievable spectacle last week when a stolen police helicopter fired shots and dropped grenades on the Venezuelan Supreme Court. There are conflicting reports about the attack, which took place last Thursday afternoon, and it’s still not exactly clear who orchestrated it. Here is what we know so far and some of the conversations swirling around right now.

Here is video footage of the helicopter attacking the Venezuelan Supreme Court in Caracas.

There haven’t been any confirmed deaths or injuries in connection to the attack of the Supreme Court but a manhunt is underway to find those who orchestrated it. So far, authorities are looking for rogue police officer Oscar Pérez, who is allegedly behind the attack, according to The New York Times. The attack on the Venezuelan Supreme Court comes at a time when Venezuelans have been protesting against the Maduro government for three months as they fight for their democracy. The Supreme Court may have been targeted because opposition leaders accuse the court of actively propping up the Maduro government and making legal decisions to strengthen his hold on power.

The main suspect is Oscar Peréz, a member of Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (CICPC), a forensic police force, according to The BBC.

Credit: Caraota Digital / YouTube

The BBC reports that Peréz is a “highly trained agent” who was the chief of the Air Force Division of the Special Action Brigade. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused Peréz of being a terrorist who is working with the CIA to overthrow the Maduro-led government. Asserting that the CIA is attempting to overthrow his government is a common claim by Maduro.

“We are nationalists, patriots and institutionalists,” Peréz says in the video claiming responsibility for the attack, which he also posted to his Instagram account. “This fight is not against other state security forces. It is against the impunity imposed by this government. It is against tyranny. It is against the death of young people fighting for their legitimate rights.”

The men in the helicopter held a flag that read “Art. 350, Libertad” which refers to “Article 350, Freedom.”

Article 350 is a reference to an article in the Venezuelan constitution that states that the people can “disown any regime, legislation or authority that runs counter to democratic principles and guarantees, or that undermines human rights,” according to The New York Times.

It has also been reported that Peréz is a part-time actor who appeared in a movie titled “Suspended Death” in 2015.

“Suspended Death” is an action/drama movie that chronicles the story of the Correia family that is shaken by a kidnapping orchestrated by a Colombian man. The movie shows the way the CICPC works in situations of this magnitude and is based on a true story.

Some people doubt the claims made by the Venezuelan government and suggest that Peréz is actually working for the Maduro government.

Opposition leaders are unsure of the truth behind the Maduro government’s claim that a “terrorist” has attacked the Supreme Court.

“It seems like a movie,” Julio Borges, the president of the opposition-led assembly, said according to The Guardian. “Some people say it is a set-up, some that it is real but I summarize it like this: a government is decaying and rotting, while a nation is fighting for dignity.”

Mitú will continue to update this story as more information comes forward.

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