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In 2019, Give Your Business To These 20 Latino-Owned Companies To Keep The Community Strong

Latino businesses are more prevalent than ever before. The community as a whole continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace. In the United States, you have entrepreneurship taking center stage. Latinas are driving the growth in this space and continue to do so every single day. Not all is positive for Latinos, though. There is still an uphill battle that each individual fights. Traditional routes to success are harder for Latino businesses, supporting them is pivotal for the continued success of Latino economic growth in the U.S.

La Corona Butron


La Corona Butron is a fantastic Latino-owned business that was started by Valerie and Isaac. This is a business owned by their family and aims to help your hair in a big way. They create a product by the name of La Corona Organic Hair Cream. It is a moisturizing hair cream that is second to none in the market.

The cream works on your hair, as well as on your skin.  All of the ingredients in the cream are completely natural, free of any additives or unnecessary chemicals.

The Pin Mix


The Pin Mix is a company that is based in Brooklyn, New York. They create pins that are just out of this world. The pins are unique in that they hit on everything. You could have a pin that touches on the latest in the pop culture space but also has a pin that hits on a favorite hobby you have. The company is extremely unique in what they do. Give their website a quick browse and you will see all of the amazing pins they create every day.

Sally Torres Vega


Sally Torres Vega is making waves in the fashion scene. The company made its debut with its slow fashion line back in the year 2008. Now, a full decade later, the company continues to go strong. Natural fibers and awe-inspiring silhouettes make the Sally Torres Vega fashion line extremely unique and attractive. It is a brand with a home base in Puerto Rico and helps you fill up your closet with awesomeness.

Cha Cha Covers


Cha Cha Covers is a Latino business that specializes in helping you make your nails look just splendid. What this company does is work to give you nail wraps. It is run by Ana Guajardo. Lots of pop culture gets a work into the nail wraps and there really is art for your nails that meets the needs of everyone.

Candy’s Kloset


Jeanette Castro has made her mark as a Latino business that sells primarily on Etsy. She has over 6,500 sales since the shop made its appearance on the site. If you are of Latino heritage or just love the culture of Mexico, Central, and South America, her products are for you. She has a little bit of everything in her shop, including jewelry, pins, keychains and much more. The store typically has in excess of 250 items so check out the offerings.

Loquita Bath and Body


There is nothing like hopping into the bath and dropping in a lovely bath bomb. The brand creator is none other than Mira Perez. The company is a bath bomb group, specializing in bath bombs that are vegan. There are all sorts of inspiration in her products, including many of the current happenings in the pop culture scene.

Li’l Libros


Li’l Libros is for the soon-to-be parents out there. The goal of this site is to connect your new baby with any and all of the books you want. As soon to be parents, you go on the site to create a listing of books you desire for your baby. The list is then sent to friends and family for purchase. The bilingual books educate the babies about their heroes.

Sweet Llamita


So many creations from this colorful Latino company. You may want to send something from them to someone as a get well wish or just to show they are top of mind. The greeting cards and other things the company creates will put a smile on the face of anyone.

Coyote Negro


Coyote Negro is a Latino business with designs by Melissa Hernandez. The jewelry line features shapes that are classic, to say the least. Many are made from recycled materials and feature geometry in the design.

Viva La Bonita


Viva La Bonita is a company that screams Latino culture and creativity. They create some amazing tops as well as phone cases. It is all about letting the world know how you feel, what is on your mind. Their designs let you speak without saying a word. Wear their gear with pride.

Very That


You do not often see a company that specializes in stickers, but that is exactly what you have with this Latino business. Very That features totes, t-shirts, and more. They also have stickers for basically any idea or thought in your mind.



Artlexia is a shop that has all sorts of fun stuff. They feature air fresheners, mugs, totes, pins, books, and everything in-between. They have different types of mole and much more.

Reina Rebelde


Reina Rebelde has a passion for makeup and her shop speaks volumes for that. She creates makeup that has the goal of honoring, celebrating, and delivering boldness, passion. Her beauty brand aims to speak to its customers and Latino culture.

Annie Elainey


Annie Elainey sells tees that are all about” The Future is Accessible.” She is a content creator diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or EDS, impacting her connective tissues. She wants to include the disabled community and does so through her business, through her passion in what she creates. She sells shirts to bring a more inclusive future forward.

Hot Sundae


Hot Sundae is all about pins and creates some pieces that will simply make you smile. Hoe Sundae has the goal of serving looks and has been doing it since 2013. As a Latina-owned business, it continues to make waves in Los Angeles.

Galaxy Vibrations


Galaxy Vibrations is a company with lots of crystals. They make bracelets, pendants, and so much more. The crystal healing powers are always present on every one of their creations.

Born x Raised


Born x Raised is another Latino business that runs out of Los Angeles. The company features clothing that is socially conscious. They bring the indigenous heritage to the forefront, pushing the boundaries of the clothing industry.



Baetanical is from an artist by the name of James Barela. The creations in modern ceramics, combining the Latino culture with some amazing colors pop in each piece. Pots, vases, drinkware, and more, all available from this great artist.

Golden Ponies


Golden Ponies has an Etsy shop that is based in Guadalajara. Opening in the year 2019, the handmade shoes that come from Golden Ponies always raise eyebrows in a positive fashion. They also feature clothing, bags, and more. Everything they make is from materials of a vegan source.


Source: is a company that makes amazing oils. The market for essential oils continues to explode and this Latino business is making its mark in that space.

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Thousands Of Mexican Workers Are Set To Get A Pay Raise After Companies Agree To Increase Wages But Will It Be Enough?

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Thousands Of Mexican Workers Are Set To Get A Pay Raise After Companies Agree To Increase Wages But Will It Be Enough?


The national minimum wage in Mexico is just $5.10 USD per day. Although that number rises to $8.80 USD per day in the northern part of the country near the US-Mexico border. But, according to many reports, most Mexicans do not earn the minimum wage because there are so many loopholes in the laws.

One group of companies is working to better implement minimum wages and even one up the national standard by offering all of their employees a guaranteed monthly wage.

One hundred Mexican companies have announced they will raise the minimum monthly salary of their employees.

And, yes, this is great news for those workers. However, the increase will only bring the minimum monthly wage to $6,500 pesos (or roughly $340 USD). Yes, that’s $350 USD per month.

Corporate directors from Citibanamex, Corporación Zapata, Tajín and Grupo Pochteca, representing the 100-member organization Empresas Por El Bienestar (Companies for Wellbeing), told a press conference on Wednesday that the initiative will contribute to the construction of a “middle-class Mexico.”

“Starting from a base of the average home containing 1.7 workers, the 6,500-peso monthly payment will put us just above the poverty threshold determined by [the social development agency] Coneval,” they told reporters.

However, the companies in the group don’t actually have to participate if they don’t want to, leading many to question how effective the plan will be.

The company representatives emphasized that participation is not obligatory, but the group has been working on the initiative for five years and expects it to have a positive impact that will be reflected in the growth of the country.

“The impact in the short and long term will be positive, in the consumption and incomes of Mexican families. It will become a virtuous cycle and that’s why we’re making this sacrifice to push the country’s economy to be even stronger.”

They stressed that 48% of formal jobs in the country offer less than 6,500 pesos per month, but the companies in the group will all pay all their employees at least that much beginning on December 1.

Despite many businesses having held doubts about AMLO’s presidency and its effects on the economy, most of those have subsided.

Although the first year of President López Obrador’s administration has brought doubt to many in the private sector, the 100 companies see a more favorable and receptive environment ahead.

In accordance with what they have seen in the current international economic climate, they believe they can implement the change without causing higher inflation.

These 100 companies promise that the raise will not have a negative impact on prices, therefore it won’t have an inflationary effect. The objective is to increase the attraction of formal employment.”

A full list of the member companies to the group can be found at the 100 Empresas Por El Bienestar website.

Despite the proposed increase by these companies, the minimum wage across Mexico is still below the official poverty level.

Though, the country has taken several steps to increase the minimum wage for its workforce.

Starting in 2018, the minimum wage has increased each year. On January 1, 2019, the minimum wage increased by 6% to 102.68 pesos (US $5.10). At that same announcement, Luisa María Alcalde also announced an even bigger hike in the northern border area, where a free zone with lower taxes will be implemented at the start of next year. There, the minimum wage will double from its current level to 176.72 pesos (US $8.80) per day.

Speaking at an event attended by President López Obrador, other cabinet secretaries, members of the private sector and workers’ representatives, Alcalde said that for the first time in many years the minimum wage has been set at a point that is on par with the minimum threshold for individual wellbeing, or the poverty line, which is determined by the social development agency Coneval.

López Obrador, who has pledged that “the poor will come first” during his government, described the salary increase as “an historic event because together we begin a new stage in the salary policy of our country.”

However, even with the increase set to take effect on New Year’s Day, Mexico will continue to have one of the lowest minimum wages in Latin America.

The wage increase also comes shortly after the government raised the minimum wage for domestic workers.

The National Minimum Wage Commission (Conasami) has proposed setting the daily minimum salary for domestic workers at 249 pesos (US $12.70).

Commission president Andrés Peñaloza Méndez said that a Conasami study estimated that 90% of employers have the financial capacity to pay the wage proposed. Just over 1.4 million domestic workers, most of whom are impoverished women, are expected to benefit.

Melt Cosmetics Came Out With A Día De Los Muertos-Inspired Amor Eterno Line That Has So Much Colors


Melt Cosmetics Came Out With A Día De Los Muertos-Inspired Amor Eterno Line That Has So Much Colors

Melt Cosmetics

We’ve said it for years, Melt Cosmetics is the Goddess’s gift to Latinas and women of color in general. The divine brand known for its rich and high-quality beauty products captured our hearts years ago during their first launch and have continued to fill it with each passing new collection. This past summer the brand got us pumped for spring with their Impulsive” Pressed Pigment Palette and this fall they’ve got us ready for a season of orange and red leaves with their Amor Eterno collection.

Si, chicas, your Día De Los Muertos-inspired Fall makeup designs just got bumped to the next level. 

In honor of Día De Los Muertos, the Melt cosmetics brand launched a collection packed with vibrant designs. 

Melt Cosmetics palette
Melt Cosmetics

The new collection includes a Vida Pressed Pigment Palette, Muerte Eyeshadow Palette, Iluminación Highlighter, Inmortal Gel Liner, Fortuna Gel Liner, Cultura Gel Liner, Santos Gel Liner, Monarca Liquid Set Lipstick, Mariachi Liquid Set Lipstick, Fiesta Liquid Set Lipstick. Brushes and a Sarape Bag.

“Our most meaningful holiday collection yet! Amor Eterno is a colorful collection that celebrates the joy of life and the eternal bond you have with the ones you love, even when they are no longer with you,” the brand explained in a caption about the new beauty line.

The new line is a clear reference to the beloved Mexican ballad “Amor Eterno.”

Melt Cosmetics

The song which was first released in 1984 by the late singer Rocío Dúrcal on her album “Canta a Juan Gabriel Volumen 6,” represents an inherited part of Mexican culture that celebrates and openly mourns death. The song was introduced into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame in 2013 and speaks to the loss of a Dúrcal’s son when he died in an accident in Acapulco. Similar to the way in which it represents Mexican mourning culture, the new line celebrates this aspect of Mexican culture with the embrace of Día De Los Muertos and colors and names associated with it. 

The cruelty-free and vegan collection includes palettes that are meant to honor life and death.

Melt Cosmetics makeup
Melt Cosmetics

The line includes three bright liquid lipsticks, four long-wearing bright colored gel liners, six skull-inspired makeup brushes, and two skull eyeshadow. With names like Lagrimas, Noche Eterna, y Corazon its clear that the creators of the brand wanted to pay homage to the celebrations of Día De Los Muertos and the people who observe it. 

The line is fun and stunning and coming soon and includes: 

Vida Palette 

Melt Cosmetics

According to the site, the pressed pigment palette “honors life with rich tones of marigolds, fiery reds and warm neutrals, inspired by music and traditional food.” It includes colors such as Sarape which is inspired by green salsa and mixed with a sensational gold glitter, Papel picado which features a  lime popsicle color, Amor Eterno that has a yellow green tone and a citrine tint and Agua Ardiente which is inspired by agave nectar and has a smoky olive undertone.

Muerte Palette 

Melt Cosmetics

The intense burgundies, plums, velvety greens and dazzling blues of this palette are supposedly inspired by the night sky “after a long cheerful fiesta commemorates loved ones that have passed.”


Melt Cosmetics

This  iridescent pink opal digital dust highly has delicate pigments combined with the “perfect formula for the truest color imaginable achieve a highly polished glow from within.”


Melt Cosmetics

This vibrant royal purple lipstick is infused to with rich hues that are sure to make you break out your best moves on the dance floor.


Melt Cosmetics

This brilliant mandarin color is supposed to be soft in texture with a citrusy tone that evokes the liveliness of monarch butterflies.


Melt Cosmetics

This intense and beautiful strawberry sorbet colored liquid is meant to stay put all night, even as you throw back the tequila.


Melt Cosmetics

This electric bright ocean blue color has aqua-colored glitter that will surely launch you into the night sky.


Melt Cosmetics

This strikingly pitch-black tone has a dark and ultra-matte color that will undoubtedly make you the bell of your skull ball.


Melt Cosmetics

This deep emerald green gel liner has an opaque green color that will make your eyes rich with color and good fortune.


Melt Cosmetics

This cinnamon orange gel liner looks every bit the marigold color that will connect you with your ancestors.

Amor Eterno Brush Set

Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics boast that this “elegant face and eye metal brush set with custom Papel Picado design, and ultra-soft synthetic bristles, vegan! The set comes complete with a vibrant sarape print pouch for safekeeping.”

Sarape Bag 

Melt Cosmetics

This beautiful and colorful sarape print pouch has festive pompoms and a custom Melt zipper that will lovingly hold all of your Amor Eterno beauty products!

The collection is set to come in limited edition PR box while supplies last