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“Some Girls” Documentary Tackles Why Depression Is Prevalent Among Latinas


Depression affects a large segment of the population, but no group of people knows this better than teenage Latinas.

As Latina points out, in 2011, depression was reported to affect around 41 percent of Latinas, the highest among all ethnic groups, and affecting those living in New York the most. In an attempt to understand why this was and what could be done about it, award-winning journalist Raquel Cepeda began documenting a journey that would take her through Latin America with several teenage Latinx New Yorkers, who were part of a suicide prevention program. Their goal was to understand the role culture and identity play in fostering depression among Latina teens.

The documentary “Some Girls” is the result of Cepeda’s journey through Latin America with these teens.

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In her interview with Latina, Cepeda reveals several insights she gained while working with these teens in Latin America. Many of the problems, she notes, come from identity, saying, “teens, regardless of what race they are, they’re already dealing with issues.” Adding, “If you compound these typical teenage issues with this feeling of invisibility, then that only makes the problem worse.” She attributes a source of their depression to negative stereotypes that politicians perpetuate to the media. If they aren’t invisible, they are part of the “problems” with society.

Cepeda also discusses how a lack of ethnic studies in school can lead to a lack of role models for these adolescent girls, despite evidence that ethnic studies are more engaging among minorities.

According to Latina, “Some Girls” was just completed and is looking for distribution.


Throughout the film, Cepeda uncovers many other factors that contribute to the alarming levels of depression that affect the Latinx community. Her Latina interview definitely worth reading, which is linked below.

[H/T] Latina: This Powerful Documentary Offers a Much-Needed Look Into Latina Identity, Depression and Self-Harm

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Immigration Agents Targeted A 4th Grader, But This School Put A Stop To It

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Immigration Agents Targeted A 4th Grader, But This School Put A Stop To It

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A fourth grader was recently targeted by immigration agents, Gothamist reports. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agents showed up at the front door of PS58, an elementary school in Maspeth, Queens, asking about the unnamed fourth grader. The agents were turned away by the school’s staff before they could enter. According to NYC’s Department of Education, the school’s policy is to turn away “non-local law enforcement” unless they have required documentation, including “proper warrants.” The NY Daily News reported that New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña reassured the public, saying:

All students, regardless of immigration status, are welcome in NYC public schools, and parents should rest assured that we will do everything in our power to protect students, staff, and families. We’re looking into this incident and are providing schools with additional information on our protocol and more trainings.

According to Gothamist, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press secretary took to Twitter to inform New Yorkers that the mayor had been briefed on the incident.

The press secretary, Eric Philips, later tweeted that they had no details on what business the immigration officer had with the fourth grader and that the officer left when the school’s officials refused to help.

[H/T] Gothamist: Federal Immigration Agent Allegedly Inquired About 4th Grader At Queens Public School

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