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A Zara In Puerto Rico Is Trashed After Customers Are Asked To Put On Masks

Cities across the country – across the globe! – have mandated that masks or other face coverings be used when in public spaces. Yet some people still don’t seem to understand their importance.

Even though experts agree that masks can help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, many still refuse to wear them. Some even protest against their use by declaring they infringe upon their freedoms and liberty.

We’ve all seen instances across the country of Americans – particularly Karens – refusing to wear a mask when inside a Walmart, Costco, Starbucks, etc. Now, that insanity has spread to Puerto Rico where a group of shoppers trashed a ara store after ex players asked them to put on a mask.

Police reported that three women damaged thousands of dollars in merchandise after being asked to put on masks.

Inside a Zara store at San Juan’s Mall of San Juan, in Puerto Rico’s capital, a group of women damaged clothing and furniture after being asked to use face masks. The store’s staff had asked the customers to protect themselves and others in the store by putting on masks – as is required by local authorities.

Instead, the women proceeded to rip clothes off the racks, kick in furniture, and knock over displays. The incident was caught on security footage and it’s intense.

Preliminary police reports estimate that the group caused upwards of $2,000 in damage. Police are investigating the incident as an act of vandalism and the women could face serious charges.

In Puerto Rico, masks are required when in public spaces as the island struggles to contain the Coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: Phil Mathew / Getty Images

As of July 17, Puerto Rico has recorded more than 11,000 cases of Covid-19 and 177 deaths attributed to the disease. But the island’s residents are at an increase risk of complications because the island suffers from an inadequate medical care system and an aging population.

To help combat the pandemic, the island has required the use of masks when in public spaces – but as this story shows, not everyone is following the rules.

Aside from mandating masks in public spaces, the territroy’s governor, Wanda Vaseqz, has said that the responsibility for stopping the contagion rests with the citizens and not with her government.

Meanwhile, Zara’s retail business is suffering a major setback thanks to the pandemic.


Zara owner Inditex said it will close 1,000-1,200 stores worldwide over two years and focus on digital growth. The fast-fashion giant’s sales are down 44% from last year. The company currently operates over 7,400 stores and says it will reassign employees to avoid layoffs.

In the United States alone, the economic impacts of the pandemic continue to wreak havoc. More than 20 million Americans have filed for some form of unemployment since the beginning of the health crisis. And to complicate things, many of the measures passed by Congress at the beginning of the outbreak are set to expire at the end of the month. From temporary rent and mortgage freezes to enhanced unemployment benefits, these programs have been a lifeline to at-risk communities and now, without new Congressional action, they’ll be eliminated.

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More Than 1,200 Women And Girls Have Gone Missing In Peru During The Pandemic And Officials Think They Know Why

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More Than 1,200 Women And Girls Have Gone Missing In Peru During The Pandemic And Officials Think They Know Why

Rodrigo Abd / Getty Images

Apart from combating the Coronavirus, Peru has suffered a heartbreaking increase in the number of missing women and girls. Just as hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to demand an end to gender-based violence, the Coronavirus hit and those same marches have had to be put on hold.

Now, as millions of women are forced to stay at home under strict lockdown orders, they’re spending more time with potentially abusive partners or family members. Many experts believe this combination of circumstances is leading to an increase in domestic violence as hundreds of women in Peru have been reported missing since the start of the pandemic.

Hundreds of women and girls have gone missing since the start of the lockdown.

In Peru, hundreds of women and girls have gone missing and many are feared dead since lockdown orders were put into place to help contain the spread of Covid-19. According to authorities (including Peru’s women’s ministry), at least 1,2000 women and girls have been reported missing since the start of the pandemic – a much higher figure than during non-Coronavirus months.

“The figures are really quite alarming,” Isabel Ortiz, a top women’s rights official, told the Reuters news agency on Tuesday. “We know the numbers of women and girls who have disappeared, but we don’t have detailed information about how many have been found,” she said. “We don’t have proper and up-to-date records.”

Ortiz is pushing the government to start keeping records so that authorities can track those who go missing – whether they are found alive or dead and whether they are victims of sex trafficking, domestic violence or femicide.

The women’s ministry said the government was working to eradicate violence against women and had increased funding this year for gender-based violence prevention programs.

Like many Latin American countries, Peru has long suffered from reports of domestic violence.

Credit: Cecile Lafranco / Getty Images

The Andean nation home to 33 million people has long had a domestic violence problem, but the home confinement measures because of the pandemic has made the situation worse, said Eliana Revollar, who leads the women’s rights office of the National Ombudsman’s office, an independent body that monitors Peru’s human rights.

Before COVID-19, five women were reported missing in Peru every single day, but since the lockdown, that number has surged to eight a day. Countries worldwide have reported increases in domestic violence under coronavirus lockdowns, prompting the United Nations to call for urgent government action.

According to the UN, Latin America has the world’s highest rates of femicide, defined as the gender-motivated killing of women. Almost 20 million women and girls a year are estimated to endure sexual and physical violence in the region.

Latin America and the Caribbean are known for high rates of femicide and violence against women, driven by a macho culture and social norms that dictate women’s roles, Ortiz said. She added, “Violence against women exists because of the many patriarchal patterns that exist in our society.”

“There are many stereotypes about the role of women that set how their behaviour should be, and when these are not adhered to, violence is used against women,” she said.

Before the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of women throughout Latin America, including Peru, were staging mass street demonstrations demanding that their governments should act against gender-based violence.

Meanwhile, the country is also struggling to contain the Coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: Cecile Lafranco / Getty Images

Despite implementing one of the world’s longest running stay-at-home orders, Peru has become one of the hardest hit countries. As of August 11, Peru has confirmed more than 483,000 cases of Coronavirus and 21,276 people have died.

Hospitals are struggling to cope with the rising number of patients and healthcare workers have protested against a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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A Video On Social Media Has Everyone Assuming That Bad Bunny Is Now Engaged


A Video On Social Media Has Everyone Assuming That Bad Bunny Is Now Engaged

gabrielaberlingeri / Instagram

Social media is a great way to spread your news. It seems like Bad Bunny might secretly be trying to spread some special news. A video on his girlfriend’s Instagram has everyone speculating that the Puerto Rican artist is now engaged.

It’s amazing how one video can send people into a series of tailspins.

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mi canción favorita y me la quitan 🥺 #vivaelperreo

A post shared by 787 (@gabrielaberlingeri) on

It seems like a woman innocently sipping a smoothie and enjoying her day. However, if you look closely, you will see that the young woman is actually wearing a ring on an important finger.

The news is spreading fast all over social media.

Nothing has been confirmed but social media works as good as a small-town rumor mill. As soon as one person sees it, everyone has to know about it. Like, it can never just be a little secret for people hold among themselves. Twitter is the land of snap reactions and unfounded claims.

The rumor has already started breaking hearts across the internet.

Honestly, the best part about celebrities is believing that you can one day be their boo. Now, with this cryptic video, it is clear that Bad Bunny’s heart is being permanently taken away from us.

Some folks are just mad.

Like, calm down. It is literally not a big deal because of the likelihood of finding and marrying a celebrity is pretty low. Hollywood has spent too much time trying to get us to believe that that was so possible.

Some people are happy for the young woman finding happiness.

Nothing wrong with celebrating someone who is winning at life. If you were engaged to Bad Bunny, you’d be happy too.

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