From Twilight To Landing The Role Of Selena In Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series:’ Here’s Christian Serratos Journey


From Twilight To Landing The Role Of Selena In Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series:’ Here’s Christian Serratos Journey

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We are all on pins and needles waiting for the new Selena tv show that is coming to Netflix. We know the casting and we are super excited to know that "Twilight" star and dreamboat Christian Serratos is playing the Selena Quintanilla. Serratos has a very long career that has touched so many of our favorite shows and movies growing up. Seeing her as the face of the late Tejano singer just seems right and there is a reason to celebrate this casting. Congratulations, Christian on landing this role of a lifetime. Here are some fun facts about the woman who will be playing Selena in the highly anticipated Netflix version of the Selena Quintanilla story and why everybody needs to know her.

Serratos once said that her dream is to play "somebody who is very famously Latina."

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Wow. She teased us all. Christian Serratos is set to play icon Selena Quintanilla in Netflix's upcoming series, set to air in December. Honestly, the "Twilight" fan in all of us is screaming with joy over this casting.

She's been a Selena fan for a long time and recognizes her importance.

Selena is the original. She paved the way for so many other women in entertainment to be. She was unapologetically Latina and gave so many women and girls space to be who they are without feeling othered. If it wasn't for Selena, Latinas would not have gotten the boost into the mainstream so many enjoy today.

You might recognize Serratos as Angela Weber from the Twilight series.

Her performance in this role won her a "Young Supporting Actress" award in Best Performance in a Feature Film at the 30th Young Artist Awards. Legit, it was a role that left a lasting impact on all of us.

Or, more recently, as Rosita Espinosa in The Walking Dead.

She made her first appearance at the end of the fourth season and has steadily made her way into the main cast by the seventh season of the show. Her character is a total badass and we can't wait to see what she brings to the Selena series on Netflix.

Serratos heritage is Mexican and Italian but was born in Pasadena, California.

Yes, it looks like she had her ears pierced at birth, too. Her Mexican-American madre is a jewelry designer and public relations and marketing agent. This should be a welcomed piece of information to people who were upset that Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez played the Mexican-American icon in the biopic shortly after Selena's death.

Serratos brought that Latina representation to The Walking Dead in a big way.

"It's cool because there's not many Latin women in comics and I think it's probably a bucket list thing for me [to play her]," she said in an Entertainment Tonight interview. There is a very severe lack of representation on television and in movies when it comes to Latinos. Serratos is here to hold it down for Latinas and it is a welcomed change in Hollywood.

Serratos has experienced racism in Hollywood.

One review of an independent film of which she was one of four leading roles, described her role as "the Latina friend," while the other roles were described in detail. "I’m like, 'You just bastardized everything that I just f--king poured my heart and soul into,'" she told MTV. Honestly, racism in Hollywood is nothing new. It is something the entire entertainment industry in Los Angeles is having to grapple with because people are done with these pendejadas.

Before Selena: The Series and The Walking Dead, auditions for Latina roles meant doing an accent, of course.

"It’s a rock and a hard place is what it is, because you’re incredibly proud of your heritage and you want to be that for people -- that’s what you are; that’s who you are," Serratos explained to MTV. "Sometimes it’s rough to go in on an audition where they need you to play an accent and speak the language, but on the other hand, it’s really sad when they don’t want that."

People just assume that all people in one group speak the same way. However, not all Latinos speak with thick Spanish accents.

Today, she has a baby girl with her long-time boyfriend David Boyd.

Boyd is a singer in the band New Politics. We can only assume that the baby is literally living her best life with these two as parents.

She is unafraid to show the natural side of motherhood: breast feeding.

Like, why is it still such a big deal to see a woman breastfeeding? It is a natural way of doing things. How long will we allow society to shame women because of their bodies doing what they are meant to do?

The new parents have been together for five years. 

The two had been together for three years by the time they announced their pregnancy, and make a very happy family together. "Happy Father's Day, muffin," Serratos captioned this sweet post. We stan this couple and wish them so much happiness. They seem super happy together and everyone deserves this kind of happiness.

You can check out Serratos as Selena Dec. 4 on Netflix.

Congratulations, Christian. We love to see a Latina succeeding in life and that is something you are definitely doing! Get it, mija!

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