Ricky Martin Just Let His Fans Know Where He Is Having His Wedding To Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin is learning how hard it is to plan a wedding.

E! News recently caught up with Ricky Martin in Las Vegas, where he currently has a residency to talk about his upcoming wedding, the challenges of planning a wedding, and how fatherhood has changed him. At the beginning of the interview, Martin makes a confession: he had no idea how hard it was to plan a wedding. Martin does admit that the difficulty could stem from the “massive” celebration he and his fiancé, Syrian artist Jwan Yosef, want to have for their nuptials. While most of the wedding is still in the planning phase, there is one thing that Martin is absolutely sure will be happening.

“Well. for sure, I want to get married in Puerto Rico. That is something that has to happen,” Martin told E! News. “It’s where I’m from; it’s where my family is from and it’s a beautiful scenario. Not just for my wedding, but for anyone who wants to get married in the tropics.”

Martin also discussed Valentino and Matteo, his twin sons, and how fatherhood has changed him as a man and person. Not only did he say that everything he does is for his kids, every decision he makes is also for his kids. The twins, Martin admits, have seen all of Las Vegas and are at his show every night unless they have school the next day.

Here’s one question we need to be answered, Mr. Martin: When will you be mailing out our invitations?

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