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Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Fathered Another Child, Only This One’s With A New York Gentleman’s Club Dancer

To say it has been a rough couple of days for Carmelo Anthony would be an understatement.

Anthony was already having an on-going feud with Knicks President Phil Jackson, creating uncertainty about the 32-year-old’s future with organization in New York.

Adding to Melo’s woes, as many sources have reported, Anthony and his wife La La have separated.

Despite their separation, the Washington Post reported, Melo and La La are on “good terms,” though La La is no longer living in the family’s home. The couple has been together since 2010, but the relationship has been troubled for a while, TMZ reported.

And Melo’s week didn’t get any better when a woman claimed that Melo got her pregnant.

According to reports, Melo allegedly had a little too much fun with a woman he met at a New York gentleman’s club several months back.

The unnamed woman claims she is six months pregnant and said that she would seek money to cover medical expenses and child support costs, MSN reported.

Though details are limited, several websites are reporting on the unfolding story.

Thankfully, the internet has been super understanding of Melo’s most recent troubles…

Well, not quite. Fans got lots of opportunities for jokes at Melo’s expense.

Ouch. Too soon? Or Too late?

Basketball fans really know how to throw out the verbal haymakers.

Good to know people got your back.

Not everyone was having a laugh. Some people were broken up over the Melo / La La split.

They tweeted their support for Melo.

And they straight up gave him life advice.

Others let Anthony know they weren’t happy with his behavior.

Lots of angry former fans letting him hear it.

And they went so far as to revoke his Rican-card.

The sarcasm was real.

A few fans smelled a break up conspiracy to get Melo out of New York City.

It might seem far fetched (and it probably is), but a few people seem to think the theory could be legit.

They even speculated on the crumbling relationship between Phil Jackson and Anthony.

Just last week, Phil Jackson commented on Anthony’s future with the team…

As ABC pointed out, Jackson threw some professional shade at Melo, saying, “We’ve not been able to win with [Anthony] on the court at this time. I think the direction with our team is that he’s a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere where he can win or chase that championship.”

… Anthony responded to Jackson’s comments with a single image on Instagram.

Melo kept his message short, writing, “REALLY ?? #StayMe7o”

Whatever happens to Melo over the next few months, just remember: if you’re having a bad day, it could be worse.


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