Puerto Ricans Will Be Voting This Weekend Whether Or Not To Become The 51st State Of The U.S.

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On Sunday, June 11, Puerto Ricans will vote to decide whether the commonwealth should become the 51st state of the United States.

Puerto Rico has been crippled by a financial crisis that has left thousands of Puerto Ricans leaving the island for the United States. Puerto Rico has lost about 2 percent of their population every year for the past three years, according to The Denver Post. According to The New York Times, the Puerto Rican government has been saddled with $123 billion in debt and pension obligations, leaving the island strapped for cash when it comes to public goods. The massive debt has led to money being taken out of health care, public schools, and other public programs in the island nation’s government.

The vote comes at a time when many U.S. Congresspeople, and the Trump administration, are showing nearly no support for the U.S. territory’s move to become the 51st state.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy, who represents Florida’s 7th Congressional district, which includes Puerto Rican-heavy Orlando, has voiced her support for a strong Puerto Rico as a state or sovereign nation.

“Puerto Rico is going through difficult times, and I am determined to help the island get back on its feet,” Murphy said on the House floor, according to Sunshine State News. “The main reason Puerto Rico is struggling is because, as a territory, it is treated unequally under federal law. I support equal treatment for Puerto Rico because I oppose second-class citizenship. Ultimately, I believe Puerto Rico should discard its territory status and become a state or a sovereign nation. The choice lies with the people of Puerto Rico. My personal hope is that they will choose statehood, so they have full voting rights and full equality. Puerto Ricans have earned the right to become first-class citizens of the nation they have served with honor.”

Orlando is home to some 100,000 people of Puerto Rican descent and Florida is home to 1 million people of Puerto Rican descent, according to Miami Herald. If Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood, it would trigger a policy known as the Tennessee Plan, which would allow Puerto Rico to send representatives and delegates to Washington D.C. to demand seats in Congress, according to The Hill. In the case of Puerto Rico, current governor Ricardo Rosselló would send two senators and five representatives, which many are speculating would be Democratic. mitú will be updating this story after the election with the results.

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James Comey Brought All The Receipts When He Gave Testimony Under Oath About Why Trump Fired Him


James Comey Brought All The Receipts When He Gave Testimony Under Oath About Why Trump Fired Him

TIME / YouTube
Credit: TIME / Youtube

On Thursday morning, James Comey, the ex-Director of the FBI, who was fired by President Donald Trump, testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee what happened between him and the president. Comey believes his firing was a direct result of the FBI investigation into whether or not Russia took part in influencing the 2016 presidential election. On his firing, Comey eventually said: “It’s my judgment that I was fired because of the Russia investigation. I was fired, in some way, to change — or the endeavor was to change the way the Russia investigation was being conducted.”

From Comey’s testimony, it sounded like he was very suspicious of Trump.

Credit: TIME / Youtube

The former FBI director testified that days after Trump’s inauguration, the president told him he was “looking forward” to working with him. In addition to telling him several times that he had planned on keeping Comey in his job at the FBI, Trump then had dinner with Comey and asked Comey if he wanted to stay in his job, which made Comey suspicious.

In this part of his testimony he says “My common sense told me what’s going on here is he’s looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay in the job.” In another part of his testimon, Comey says that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and advisor Jared Kushner left the Oval Office right before Trump asked Comey to look the other way on his investigation of General Michael Flynn, who had just resigned.

Comey doesn’t outright call Trump a liar, but definitely implies that he thinks he’s a liar.

Credit: TIME / Youtube

In this part of his testimony, Comey remembered having the distinct feeling that something big was about to go down when the oval office emptied out as Trump asked him for his loyalty.

“I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting, and so I thought it really important to document. That combination of things, I’d never experienced before, but it led me to believe I’ve got to write it down, and I’ve got to write it down in a very detailed way.”

He even wished he had recorded his conversations with Trump.

Credit: TIME / Youtube

“Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”

Comey said the Trump administration has said things about him and the FBI that were “lies, plain and simple.”

Credit: BBC News / Youtube

Comey felt blindsided by all the things Trump had said in the media after his firing, even though to his face, Trump had told him how great he thought he was doing. Comey also expressed how sorry he was that the FBI workforce and the American people had to hear “lies” about him and the FBI.

Needing to have a say in everything, Trump sent his personal lawyer to hold a press conference to call into question Comey’s credibility.

Credit: TIME / Youtube

Attorney Marc Kasowitz said in this press conference that “Mr. Comey has now admitted he is one of these leakers.” If you watch the full video, Comey gives a pretty good reason why he felt like he needed to leak info to the press.

Check out the full two and a half hour testimony below.

Credit: The New York Times / Youtube

Among the many revelations are that having dinner was Trump’s idea, even though he has implied that it was Comey in several TV interviews, that he didn’t want to admit to Trump that he wasn’t being investigated, and that everyone left the Oval Office when Trump asked him to drop the investigation into General Flynn, putting Comey in an awkward position.

[H/T] Time

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