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This Zip Line Carries Children To School In Colombia And The Only People Maintaining It Are Locals

This cable is the only easy way for children to go to school in the town of Acacías ?

Posted by Zoomin.TV on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some people might complain about taking the bus to school, but what about a zip line?

Children in a small village in Colombia only have two choices when it comes to making the commute to their school. They can either make a two-hour hike down the side of a mountain to cross through a canyon or they can save some time and zip line. Many of the children and adults, choose the zip line because it’s relatively easier and time it saves, according to the video above by Zoomin.TV. The cable that moves the children to school hangs about 754 feet above the canyon and is about half a mile long. During the journey, the children on the zip line can reach up to 55 miles per hour as they zip over the canyon and to town. Not only is this the main for of transportation for people in the village, it is also completely maintained by the locals with no government assistance. For the smaller children who can’t do the journey themselves, either their siblings or parents will put them in a sack and carry them on the zip line to get them across. How’s that for a commute?

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