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Don’t Believe Those Stories About Yolanda Saldivar, Selena’s Killer, Being Dead

Last week, a “news report” circulated on Facebook that stated Yolanda Saldívar, the woman convicted of killing Selena, was dead.

CREDIT: Chicago Civic Tribune

Chicago Tribune = real newspaper. Chicago Civic Tribune = an Internet “news” site. The names are so similar that sometimes it’s hard for people to decipher what is real and what is not.

Some people really did believe that 22 years after Saldívar killed Selena Quintanilla, Saldívar had died in her cell.

Yeah, people were celebrating the news.

This fan asked Chris Perez if he could confirm the story.

CREDIT: Facebook

While the death of Saldívar might feel like closure to a tragic incident that has haunted many for decades, this story is indeed a hoax.

How do we know this story is a fake?

CREDIT: Chicago Civic Tribune

For starters, no legitimate news source discussed this story at all. Secondly, check out how the story ends. Under “source” it literally says nothing. This “news site” doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they have zero sources to back up this story.

But real journalists did something pretty simple to find out if Saldívar had died.

I read that they might let #yolandasaldivar out on parole. Not ok with me. #selena

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Two news outlets in Texas verified the status of Saldívar and got an official word from Robert Hurst with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

He said that Saldívar is “alive and well behind bars” at the Mountain View unit in Gatesville, Texas.

“Yolanda Saldívar is not hospitalized,” Hurst said. “She is not dead.”

I would crop her ass out (you know who) but this is true. #fakefriends #yolandasaldivar #evil #fakepeople #theatre #lifequotes #helpnoone

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He also said that he hears about this rumor about once a year.

According to the San Antonio Express News, Saldívar is eligible for parole in 2025.

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Prince Royce's Latest Video Left Me Asking Lots And Lots Of Questions

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Prince Royce’s Latest Video Left Me Asking Lots And Lots Of Questions

Prince Royce just released a new video for “Ganas Locas,” the fifth single from his latest album, “Five.” It’s what you’d expect from a Prince Royce track — smooth urban bachata with slinky guitars, a thumping beat, and a sweet melody. It works whether it’s being blasted at a club or being listened to with a pair of headphones. If you’re a Prince Royce fan, chances are you’ve already heard the song hundreds of times, so the music video will do little to change your opinion about it. Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll see in the video:

Royce and a small crew of motorcyclists roll up to a gas station. Let’s call them Los Hijitos de Anarchy.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

Just look at that fearsome foursome. 

A trio of women in a bright yellow convertible also rolls up to the gas station. 

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

One of the women is like, “Psssst… is that Prince Royce?”

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

“I recognize that man-bun anywhere.”

Prince Royce is like, “ROY-EEEEEEEEEESE.” (OK, not really).

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

There’s definitely some tension between Royce and the woman in the Selena cosplay outfit. Their eyes lock…

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

… and just when you think they’re going to talk, the woman turns around to ask her friends what they want from the mini mart.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

“Takis? Sour gummy worms? OK, cool.”

Royce and his crew can only watch, gobsmacked by the savagery they’ve just witnessed.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

Once the woman is inside the store, she is mesmerized by a display full of energy drinks. So much for those Takis and gummy worms.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

But wait! Prince Royce enters the store and the two exchange sultry glances. Yes!

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

Then, Royce… walks right by her? WTH. Say something!

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

Looks like he blew his chance. Tsk, tsk.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

Sidenote: If you look closely as the woman walks out…

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

…you’ll see during there’s a “No Loitering” sign on the building.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

That shit is in Spanish, too, so they covered their bases.

Clearly, Prince Royce is violating the rules, especially in this scene, where he’s just singing with no one else around. That’s definitely LOITERING.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

What a rebel.

K, another thing.  There’s also a random food truck just chillin’.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

No, it’s not a taco truck. It’s an arepa truck…

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

And there’s actually a lone mystery customer purchasing some tasty arepas.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

I hope she’s ordering an arepa with carne mechada. I’ve heard those are great.

K, so back to the video. The woman gets back to the car, shoots Royce another glance…

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

And then they just take off.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

Then, several seconds later, the video cuts to:

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

Wait, what? Royce and the woman are grinding it out at the club! We followed them through that whole emotional rollercoaster at the gas station and now they’re just hugged up like they’ve known each other forever (or a few hours, at least). What happened between the gas station and the club? Who made the first move? How did you go from playing hard to get to just getting got?

There’s a whole chunk of this timeline missing and I want to know what happened.

Did Royce and Los Hijitos de Anarchy follow the women to their destination after seeing them at the gas station? That’s pretty creepy but apparently not that creepy because here we are with these two vertically spooning on the dance floor.

Maybe they already knew each other and Royce’s crew was just following them to the gas station before they hit the club. Maybe the Selena cosplay woman’s friend whispered something like, “You should totally do some role playing type of thing where you act like a stranger who doesn’t know Royce.” But how would Royce know to play along? Maybe I’m underestimating his improv skills.

Maybe I’m overthinking a Prince Royce video.

CREDIT: Hunter x Hunter / Giphy

Oh, also, Faruko makes an appearance.

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

There you have it. A complete breakdown of Prince Royce’s new vid.

Why don’t you stop and watch the full video for yourself:

Credit: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

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