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Cheech Marin’s Highly-Anticipated Chicano Art Museum Might Be Here This Fall

Update January 28, 2021

Cheech Marin has been an avid collector of Chicano art for years. The actor is now moving closer to donating that work to the Riverside Art Museum to create The Cheech Center.

The Cheech Marin Center of the Riverside Art Museum is so close to reality.

The Cheech Marin Center of the Riverside Art Museum has been years in the making. Marin has been collecting Chicano art for years and is excited to donate hundreds of pieces to give the community a chance to enjoy and celebrate the artists.

The Riverside City Council voted last week to renovate an old library to hold all of the treasured artworks. This week, the city council approved the management agreement and bid for the construction company. With that vote, the project can officially move ahead with construction to get the job done.

The Riverside Art Museum will be managing The Cheech Marin Center, which will cost $13 million. The museum secured $9.7 million of that from state grants.

It may surprise you to know that comedian and actor Cheech Marin is an avid collector of Chicano art.

Over the years, the 70-year-old has amassed a collection of over 700 paintings, sculptures, and more, all from Chicano artists. Now, Marin, with the help of the Riverside Art Museum, is set to create a space to exhibit his collection. As Marin told the Los Angeles Times, “It’ll be the one place worldwide that everybody can go to for all things Chicano art.”

The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art, Culture and Industry is moving into Riverside’s old public library building.


According to the Los Angeles Times, Marin said the 60,000-square-foot library would be the perfect place to display his collection, but that it would also “have an academic feature so Chicano art can be seen and can be studied.” The museum’s opening is still more than a year away, but in the meantime, Marin and the Riverside Art Museum will work out the details to bring it to life.

The museum was approved with a unanimous vote from Riverside’s city council.

Riverside resident Chani Beeman told the Riverside-Press Enterprise the museum is a welcome addition to their community: “This feels like something we can grab hold of and really be proud of.”

Marin was encouraged to pursue this project after a small exposition of his art drew a positive response.

In February, Marin donated a small portion of his collection to the Riverside Art Museum, for the “Papel Chicano Dos: Works on Paper From the Collection of Cheech Marin” exhibit. Marin’s small collection drew a record 1,476 attendees and increased the museum’s revenue threefold, the Los Angeles Times reported.

For the whole story, check out the article at the Los Angeles Times.

[Via] Los Angeles Times: Cheech Marin teams up with city of Riverside and Riverside Art Museum to develop Chicano art center

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