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‘El Patito,’ The Latest ‘Despacito’ Parody, Features Bert & Ernie From ‘Sesame Street’

Credit: Sesame Street / YouTube

Ernie’s rubber duckie gets his own “Despacito” remix.

Just when you thought you’d heard those final “Despacito” parodies this summer, the makers of “Sesame Street” have come through with a late entry. Titled “El Patito,” the song features Ernie singing about, you guessed it, his rubber duckie. He gets a little from his friend, Spanish-speaking monster Rosita. But not everyone on “Sesame Street” is a fan. Bert, Ernie’s media naranja, has apparently had enough of the hit track by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. “Oh no, not this song again,” exclaims Bert early on in the video, echoing the thoughts of millions of people with exhausted ear drums.

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