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These 6 Caballo Dorado Fails Will Make You Appreciate Your Skills


“Caballo Dorado” is the dance floor song that makes an appearance at quince parties, baptisms, weddings, school gyms. Some people call it, “Payaso del Rodeo,” because it’s the songs real name, or whatever. No matter what you call it, there are definitely some moments you did quite nail it. Guess what? These people are in the same boat, but their mistake is on the internet.

This whole group needs to come off the dance floor.

What. Is. Going. On. Here. *rubs temples* So first you have guy #1 in the beige jacket who is just totally off beat, then you have the whole group in the middle who are just doing their best to hop on two feet. Granted, the group at the front is pretty on point but the rest are just doing their own thing. At the 1:00 mark, craziness ensues when the music picks up the tempo. Dude in the black hat and black button down is doing the most to just keep up. Gotta give him a gold star for trying!

So much is happening in this video in so little time.

Tbh, even the quinceañera looks like she is lost before the dance starts. Someone falls down right at the beginning and there seems to be some confusion about the steps. It is one of the most chaotic dance scenes and it also looks like so much fun.

Sound off, trust us.

Some times you shouldn’t try changing things. Some times things are perfect the way they are. This version of “Payaso de Rodeo” gets really flashy really fast and before you know it people are falling down.

Heels can be your worst enemy on the dance floor.

Well, this looks like one festive party! Neon leis, masquerades and having such a good time that you topple over. It’s ok, it happens to the best of us when the music starts getting faster.

Pro tip: dance ‘Caballo Dorado’ next to your closest friends and family so you have someone to pick you up when you take a fall.

Act like nothing happened and everyone else will forget.

There’s nothing stronger than being able to pick yourself up and carry on with your dance. It is an impressive move if you make it really smooth and all one motion. Some of us have had to come up with moves just to cover up our falls and slips.

Make up your own dance and just own it.

If all else fails and you just really do not know when you are supposed to step, hop, slide, be like this girl and just sway like a tree. Once you notice her in the back while all the other girls are dancing around her, you come to realize this dance move might be the safest way to dance the song.

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What’s your most embarrassing ‘Caballo Dorado’ moment? Tell us in the comments below!

Bad Bunny's Best Gender-Bending Fashion Outfits


Bad Bunny’s Best Gender-Bending Fashion Outfits

badbunnypr / Instagram

Bad Bunny has been surprising fans with his gender bending fashion choices each time he steps out pretty much anywhere. What is most eyebrow raising is that he isn’t afraid to sport some of the hottest trends, even if those trends are traditionally seen on women. We took a deep dive into Bad Bunny’s Instagram page to look at some of his most non gender conforming looks. Chambea, chambea.

Bad Bunny is not afraid to totally embrace his own style. Example: His nail designs are on point.

Painted nails might be the next frontier for cis men, and Bad Bunny is pushing the envelope past just getting a clean manicure. Look at those 🔥 nails that are on trend: the evil eye, alien head, Superman symbol like your middle school friends used to draw in the eighth grade. Can we get the number of his manicurist? Thankkkss!

He also knows when he needs a touch-up

Even if you are a world-famous Latin trap and reggaeton singer, you still won’t have a manicurist following you around for every chip that happens. Bad Bunny knows the power of a touch-up it what’s going to keep his purple painted nails looking so fresh and so clean.

Bad Bunny’s future is so bright, he needs designer shades.

We saw these round sunnies on some of our fave fashion bloggers all summer, but one of the only fellow men we saw sporting these Chanel circular shades was J. Balvin. Bad Bunny doesn’t mind that he is wearing sunglasses most often seen on women.

A little bit of sparkle? Why not.

Yyyassss. Work it, Bad Bunny. Not only is he wearing sequins and fake fur on a hoodie, but he is sporting sequins under sequins. Let’s take a moment to honor the amount of extra there is in this one photo.

Pink is for everyone, and pianos, obviously.

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¿Que canción quieres que te toque? 💔

A post shared by BAD | BUNNY (@badbunnypr) on

Estamos bien each time we see Bad Bunny embrace his feminine side loud and clear. There is something so refreshing of seeing a man who has no problem totally accepting all parts of himself. Like when he wears these pastel pink sunglasses while playing a sherbet pink piano.

He is fierce in his leopard print.

Ok, we all know animal prints are going to be huge this fall and Bad Bunny had jumped on that fashion train almost a year and a half ago. He’s also sporting some serious bling including his signature cross earrings, something you don’t see on too many male singers nowadays.

You can’t tie him down.

Scarves wrapped around your ponytail? So last season. Bad Bunny shows you can rock a pashmina scarf on your head (no ponytail needed) and that the scarf has much more fashion cache than just keeping you warm when you are on a long flight. WORK IT.

You just can’t go wrong with a stunning tropical two-piece.

If we remember correctly, one of the only guys we can recall that proudly sported a printed two piece was Wills on the most recent edition of “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” How do you gour boyfriend to wear this on the next beach outing? Asking for a friend.

Alien chic has always been a weird thing in movies, but Bad Bunny doesn’t shy away.

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desde el principio se dijo 🛸👽

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Do we even know if it’s Bad Bunny if he isn’t wearing a pair of sunglasses? Ok, his hairstyle and grills give him away. Bad Bunny changed the Latino male fashion game. This is just something that deserves respect.

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What’s your favorite Bad Bunny outfit? Tell us in the comments below!

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